Best of Nouw #3

Best of Nouw #3

Last week our international bloggers arrived to new destinations. One got a surprise trip to Milan, someone throwed us back to travels from 2017 and another one made protein pancakes. There were long walks in Paris and matching outfits. Click in to see our bloggers best moments from last week. Lifestyle - 4

Left: Norway | @Annemwidvey made delicious and healthy protein pancakes.

Right: Sweden | @ainoanavarro made a part II post of her Scotland trip from this Autumn.

Left: Sweden | @mariellelindahl's is traveling through Asia and last week she arrived to a new destination: Sri Lanka.

Right: France | According to @theseeker, the right way to spend a day off in Paris is to put on a pair of comfortable shoes, get out on the street and just go where your eyes and curousity takes you. And that's exactly what she did one day last week.

Left: Sweden | Mama @joannajohansson and mini were matching pineapple clothes.

Right: Denmark | @Blogbysandra cheered up the winter darkness with a colorful and pretty outfit.

Left: Finland | @FeliciaAminoff throwed back to the last days of 2017 when she was swimming with sharks on the Bahamas.

Right: England | @fashionisminepassion was surprised with a trip to Milan from her fiancé.

Every week we pick some of the best blogger moments from the previous week and throw them together in an article we call Best of Nouw. Do you have a specific post in mind that you think should be featured? Good! Please, send us an e-mail to and mark the e-mail with ”Best of Nouw”.