Best of Nouw #20

Best of Nouw #20

Last week was an amazing week for our international bloggers! It was filled with warming sunshine in Bali, summery outfits in Finland and amazing beaches in the south of France. Come, tag along! Lifestyle - 10

Left: Finland | @johannaturpeinen relaxed at the most photogenic little beach.

Right: Finland | If summer were a chic outfit - it would look something like what @sofiasmode wore last week.

Left: Sweden | Brace yourself, @fatmasabic, a storm is coming.

Right: Finland | @XOPEPITO arrived in southern France and life just seems divine down there!

Left: Denmark | @jemappelleanemone had a proper "treat yourself" moment!

Right: USA | Ultimate babe, @McShirley, when going out for dinner last week.

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