Best of Nouw #2

Best of Nouw #2

This past week our international bloggers was enjoying the sun, ate delicious pasta & went to a zoo. There were walks by the water in the sunset, helicopter and boat rides in Dubai and a new jacket became a favorite in the closet. Lifestyle - 6

Left: Finland | @SofiasMode spent warm sunny days by the pool in Bali.

Right: Sweden | @Josefineeriksson was welcoming the weekend with this picture of her, taken by @anniehyrefeldt.

Left: Finland: | This fluffy faux fur jacket is a new favorite in @Jasminaleksandra closet. We understand why!

Right: Scotland | @CloudberryRamblings is trying to eat more vegetarian food. She made and shared a recipe of this mushrooms & permisan pasta. You can find it here.

Left: Australia | @elinanna was visiting a Zoo to explore the Australian wildlife. She got to see kangaroos, koalas and much more.

Right: Denmark | @jemappelleanemone took a walk in her home town to buy some lattes. Such a nice view!

Left: Sweden | @mathildahogbergs shared some unseen pictures from a boat trip in Dubai.

Right: Denmark | @MariaKragmann also shared some pictures from her trip in Dubai over Christmas and New years. Here she's riding a helicopter for the first time.

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