Best of Nouw #18

Best of Nouw #18

Last week our international bloggers shared some amazing postcard from both Bali and Marrakech, bought cute bags and relaxed at the British countryside. We got to know one blogger a bit better, while another one posted about thoughts regarding balance in life. Lifestyle - 33

Left: Sweden | Last week was filled with relaxation, and for @Josefineeriksson - there was no exception!

Right: Finland | Slik, slik, slik! We can't get enough of it, neither can @Whiteparadises. This combo is bomb!

Left: Finland | @aurorabinder went through her Bali archive from last month and shared this relaxing photo.

Right: Finland | Another breathtakingly beautiful picture from @johannaturpeinen! In this post she shared her thoughts about balancing life between inspiring plans and her own time.

Left: England | Relax mood on! @fashionisminepassion seized the moment at this dreamy villa, located near the British countryside.

Right: Sweden | @fashiondreamzz bought this gorgeous bag from Valentino. Don't we just love the old-fashioned pink color?

Left: Denmark | Hi from Marrakech! @MariaKragmann went sightseeing and found this magical Souk market.

Right: Finland | @SofiasMode posted a this-or-that challenge on her blog, where we got to know her better!

Every week we pick some of the best blogger moments from the previous week and throw them together in an article we call Best of Nouw. Do you have a specific post in mind that you think should be featured? Good! Please, send us an e-mail to [email protected] and mark the e-mail with ”Best of Nouw”.