Best of Nouw #12

Best of Nouw #12

Last week our international bloggers celebrated the weekend in Tokyo, soaked up the warming sun and found their fave place on Earth. Someone also wrote their very last high school exam - ever. Lifestyle - 8

Left: Norway | @annemwidvey wore red on red and of course looked amazing!

Right: Japan | @stylebyelisabeth had a chilled weekend with all-you-can-eat sushi & karaoke in Tokyo.

Left: Norway | @BEYOUI soeaked up that warming sun.

Right: Australia | @elinanna got some new slides with pom poms - and they are all kinds of awesome.

Left: Sweden | @jcedin started her day off with yoga and contignued with chocolate for breakfast - it's all 'bout that balance.

Right: Sweden | @experiencewithlouise sent us a postcard from a picture perfect book shop in Paris.

Left: Sweden | @FatmaSabic found her favourite place in the whole wide world.

Right: Finland | @xopepito has written her very last high school exam!

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