Best of Nouw #11

Best of Nouw #11

Last week our international bloggers got featured in a magazine, took us down memory lane on their exciting life in New York, dedicated a post to all the good things that's happened lately and catched some waves in Spain. Lifestyle - 9

Left: Sweden | Guess who's featured in this magazine? So okay, it might be @Mawl.

Right: Denmark | @MariaKragmann dressed to match the snowy & crisp weather in Stockholm last week.

Left: Finland | @Jasminaleksandra had coffee outside in the sun (and freezing cold, burr!).

Right: USA | @fridajohannsson whote a post that took us down her New York memory lane. A lot can happen in a few years.

Left: Finland | @MillieGoodwyn remembered those warm and sunny days at the beach in Thailand.

Right: Spain | Surf´s up for @jcedin and we're mighty jelous.

Left: Finland | Good things from last week? @whiteparadises made us a little list!

Right: Norway | @gambitsky is longing for spring to come around and maybe this flowery number will lure spring out of hiding?

Every week we pick some of the best blogger moments from the previous week and throw them together in an article we call Best of Nouw. Do you have a specific post in mind that you think should be featured? Good! Please, send us an e-mail to [email protected] and mark the e-mail with ”Best of Nouw”.