Best of Nouw #10

Best of Nouw #10

Last week our international bloggers shared some amazing news, gave us the untimate healthy snack recipe and went to explore Boston. They also walked along a warm beach in Barcelona and gave us some great book recommendations. Lifestyle - 1

Left: Finland | @BYSLUMMI walked us through the passed month in snaphots. Here she was at a smoothie workshop - dreamy, indedd!

Right: Norway | @kajaand does know how to make out mouths water, that's for sure!

Left: Finland | @johannaturpeinen have us some great book tips, perfect for a lazy weekend.

Right: Spain | @jennaclaudia had a lovely walk on the beach in sunny Barcelona.

Left: England | Another day, another wedding! The everyday life of event planner @isabelalden.

Right: The Netherlands | @josjournal was out and about in Boston. Here - outside stunning Boston University.

Left: Poland | @olgabutkiewicz wished us happy woman's day with this stunning photo.

Right: USA | Dreams do come true. @linneaperssonla got some amazing news a while back, and now she was ready to share.

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