Best of Nouw #1

Best of Nouw #1

The first week of 2018 was filled with exciting things, as usual - our bloggers never stop to amaze us! They wandered in the desert, walked by the ocean, got a new family member and ate amazing breakfasts. Also, spring came early to Rome and someone took us along to see penguins. Lifestyle - 4

Left: Italy | Spring came early to Italy, as @josjournal walked the streets of Rome in warming 18 degrees. So jealous over here!

Right: USA | What @BetterSunkissed did last week? Oh, you know, ran thorugh the desert Death Valley, like one does.

Left: Finland | @SofiasMode found what truly looks like paradise.

Right: Sweden | In casa @katrinberndt they got a new addition to the family. A family of three became a family of four!

Left: Sweden | @Mawl suited up during a visit to Copenhagen. Pink suits are always a good idea, right?

Right: Norway | @kajaand started the year on a colourful note, with this stunning & delish breakfast bowl.

Left: Spain | @jcedin found these little cuties on a beach in dreamy Cape Town, Africa.

Right: USA | @mcshirley went down to the water, with her other half.

Every week we pick some of the best blogger moments from the previous week and throw them together in an article we call Best of Nouw. Do you have a specific post in mind that you think should be featured? Good! Please, send us an e-mail to and mark the e-mail with ”Best of Nouw”.