Bel: "20 things I learned before turning 20."

#Nouw30DayChallenge - Our blogger Bel wrote about the things she has learned during her years before turning twenty. We loved these life-lessons and the fun touch she brought to them - here's her list that everyone should read! Chronicle - 1

The winner of the second weekly challenge in #nouw30daychallenge is @theycallmebel ! Apart from getting her blogpost posted in Nouw Magazine she will also recieve an amazing price from our sponsor NA-KD.

1. Getting older may mean more responsibilities, but they can be fun too! It's all about the attitude.

2. Self love is an actual thing. And it doesn't mean being selfish.

3. No matter how many great memories you've had with someone, if they don't support you or they bring unnecessary negativity into your life, get rid of them!

4. You don't have to explain yourself, your decisions nor your actions to anyone.

5. Not thinking twice is alright too.

6. If you know another language, go out there and use it. Mistakes in grammar are no big deal.

7. Wishing you could change something about the way you look, maybe your hair or legs, is a waste of time. Go and appreciate yourself.

8. Things don't always go as you've planned. And that's fine, it just means you have to adjust to new situations.

9. Everything happens for a reason.

10. This is such a cliché but once you don't expect or look for love (or basically anything you can imagine), love (or anything else) finds you. Tested and proved by yours truly.

11. For surprisingly many people it’s more difficult to simply be happy for you than being jealous.

12. Positive attitude brings you positive life. Sounds like a cliche too but hey it’s the truth!

13. Two large cups of coffee at 2am is never a good idea.

14. If you ever can, travel. So far one of my favourite things to do.

15. Never forgeting the inner child each and everyone has. My friends tell me I’ll never grow up hahah!

16. Not wearing make-up feels like freedom and natural beauty is the best beauty there is.

17. Going to bed early to wake up early just in time for sunrise is way better than staying up late. Although staying up late can be so much fun on special occasions!

18. No matter how many times I get told “yoga pants are not real pants”, I’ll never stop wearing them.

19. The type of love stories where your other half is also your best friend and adventure buddy exist. It’s not only in movies!!

20. You can never celebrate life and be happy about little things too much.

Text & photos: @theycallmebel