6 tips to study successfully

6 tips to study successfully

#NouwSeptemberChallenge - It is not always easy to study, especially now when a lot of us are doing it at a distance. Luckily, today our profile Sofia Eklund shares all of her top tips for succeeding with your studies this fall!  3

Sofia Eklund is not a stranger when it comes to studying. This fall she started her third year at the international business programme and she has picked up a lot of valuable study tips along the way. Hopefully, some of them will also make it easier for you and help you to complete your studies with ease this fall!

1. Plan your study time

It is very easy to postpone your study time and any assignments that you need to get done, but it will be a lot easier if you actually plan out the time to do them. Pick a time during the day were you will only focus on your studies or pick a few things that you need to get done, lika a certain assignment or some pages that need to be read, and when you have done that you are finished for the day. Make sure to also put away you phone during your planned study time!!

2. Go to the lectures

Personally, I learn things so much easier listening to someone going through them than trying to learn that same thing by reading it myself. It is worth it, even if the lecture is early in the morning because at least you are learning something. I have been at the university for almost two years now and I think I have missed a maximum of ten lectures during that time, a thing I believe is the biggest reason to why I have passed all of my classes until now.

3. Make notes

I use my notes as a way of support so I do not have to search through the text books every time I want to get an overview of a topic. After that I can read the book and learn more about it if I need to. I also like to do all of my notes by hand because then I feel like the information sticks better. I often try to take notes about what the lecturer is saying or writing on the whiteboard, and not things that are on the powerpoint. I can always look through that one after the lecture!

4. Flashcards

This is absolutely the best way to learn new concepts, formulas or similar. I like to have physical flashcards, once again I see the writing down part as a way to learn, but there are also a lot of websites where you can do them online. If you do not already use flashcards, you have to try it!

5. Discuss

Discuss the questions with a classmate or take turns explaining different concepts to each other. When you say things out loud you hear if what you are saying make sense or not and you also learn how to express yourself on the subject, which is great practice for the exam! You can also add information when talking to each other and help each other out understanding the subject, all of us understand things differently.

6. Draw and write on a whiteboard

I love writing and drawing things down because, just like when you discuss something, you learn how to do it. Practice drawing graphs, tables or similar things so you get more used to it. On the whiteboard it is so much easier to correct an error. It is also great doing your drawings on a whiteboard because sometimes it is easier to see them in a larger scale. The whiteboard is also a great place to write down your formulas so you can have them in front of you all of the time. I am even thinking about buying a small whiteboard to have at home just so I can study easier on my own.

Text and pictures: Sofia Eklund @sofiiaeklund

What are some of your best tips for studying?