5 tips for taking perfect outfit photos

5 tips for taking perfect outfit photos

#Nouw30DayChallenge - Today our Norwegian photographer, Madeleine Lohne, is sharing her best tips on taking great outfit photos. You will get tips on everything from lighting to how to show of your outfit the best way. We're sure these tips will be helpful for your next shoot. Blogging tips - 8

When you are taking outfit photos - do you have any thoughts about how you want them to turn out? Do your clothes get the attention that they deserve? How is the lighting? Well, in my head these thoughts always pop up, and no I do not always get the pictures that I ideally wanted. However, with a few tips that I have learned along the way, I have gotten a lot better!

Of course, the quality of your photos are a reflection of your camera, but even photos from your phone can turn out very well if you have a good starting point.

1. Think about your surroundings. What are you wearing? Do my outfit and this location look good together - or should I relocate? This is the first thing that goes through my mind when I take photos. Can you tell how well the colors match in the pictures above? That is a result of the pink wall that is a perfect match for the outfit that @siljeokland is wearing. The wall does not steal any attention, but makes the outfit stand out even more.

2. Lighting might be the most important thing, if you do not have a crazy amount of equipment. I would like to say that overcast is my favorite weather to shoot in! When that is the case you get beautiful daylight, but you do not get a very sharp, sunny lighting that is hard to work with when editing. It is always easier to make the picture lighter than to edit it darker afterwords. If you want to take pictures on a sunny day, find a place with shadow (just like I did in the pictures underneath).

3. Any patterns on your clothes? If that is the case I would find a neutral background. That will lift the outfit instead of stealing the focus. Can you see how the red outfit just pops? Strong colors and patterns often need neural or soft backgrounds.

4. Give yourself enough place in the picture. Don't shoot your pictures too close, but leave some room around the person - that will give you more space to work with later, for example if you are straightening the picture. Take photos from different angles og lengths to get more variation in them, everything from full-figure, to details. It is also okay to take more than 50 pictures. I just hate it when I get home after shooting, and I only have one picture that I like.

5. Be creative and challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone for a short periode and forget that people can see you. Even though it is easy to stand still to avoid any attention from people passing by, the best pictures usually happen when you rock it and look confident. If you are uncomfortable, it shows up in the pictures easily, so don't care about what people are thinking. You enjoy it right?

Text and photos: @eddam