5 easy tips - update the design of your blog

5 easy tips - update the design of your blog

Time for something new? Here are 5 easy ways to update the design of your blog to give both you and your blog an extra boost of inspiration! Blogging tips - 5

1. Change your header

Only a few things will give your blog a boost as big as as a new header image will. You can be really creative when it comes to your header because it is possible to do it in so many different ways. Only text, a picture of you, text and a picture or maybe a collage? Try different options to see which design shows off you and your personality the best!

Tips: Use programs such as Canva or Photoshop to create exactly the header that you want!

@fannyottosson have chosen a top menu that follows along when you scroll down on the blog while @maawl has chosen to go with a visible side menu.

2. Update your menus

Here at Nouw it takes no time at all to change the look of your menus. You can easily switch between a side menu, a hidden side menu and a top menu. Feel free to update the content in you menus as well. Is it time to change your profile picture? Do you want to highlight a new blogpost? Have you created a YouTube channel and would like to add a link to it? You can change the content of your menus under the "design" tab!

Tips: If you are going with only text in your header it might be a good idea to include at least one picture of yourself in your menus so that your readers know who you are!

3. Switch out your color palette

Colors leave a strong impression so use some that you feel inspired by! Dark, tough colors or more neutral, light colors? It is all up to you! You can also create a whole color palette for your blog with colors that you think suit together and that you always use on your blog. This will make your blog feel more well thought out and professional!

Tips: Are you stuck and do not know which colors you would like to use? Use google and search for "color palette generator" and you will find a lot of tools that will generate a color palette for you. Perfect to find some inspiration!

@snacksbycaroline has all of her information about herself in the side menu while @lovisawallin has a separate "About me" page on her blog.

4. Update your "About me" section

The "About me" section on a blog is often the first thing a new reader checks out. That is why it is important to have it showcase you and your personality. Some blogs only have a text in the side menu about themselves while others have a whole page dedicated to it. Experiment with it and see what you think works best for you! Feeling unsure of what to write? Think of the times you click on a new blog. What would you like to know about the person writing the blog then? Look at it like you are introducing yourself to a new friend!

Tips: You can easily create a new page on your blog under the "pages" tab. Then you can add the page to the deisng of your blog by either linking it through a regular link or using the "page" modul in the design editor.

5. Change your fonts

Just like your color palette says a lot about your blog, the fonts are no different. Try switching out the fonts you are using on your blog for a quick, new look. Just make sure that the fonts you pick are easy to read so that your readers can take part of your content without any hustle.

Tips: Too many fonts can feel confusing. Stick to a few different ones, you usually do not need more than three!

How have you updated the design of your blog lately?