3 ways to boost your blog this spring

3 ways to boost your blog this spring

Looking for ways to boost your blog for spring? Look no further! Today we are giving you our three best tips on how to make boost your blogging game this spring. Blogging tips - 18

Try a new design template 

The first impression of your blog is given by your design. With our new fresh design-templates you can give your blog a whole new look in just a few minutes. Give your readers something new to be met by the next time they read your blog. Click on "Your blog/Design/Design-template" to take a look at our new and fresh deign-templates.

Get colourful!

Use more colors in your blog this spring and summer. You could for an example have a red color in your headlines to drag attention to your posts, or maybe pastel tones in the spring spirit. And you do know that you can change your blogs background as well, right?!

Colourful inspiration from our lovely @cassandralun

Start a series in your blog

In addition to updating your design, you could start a new theme or series in your blog. As an example you could make sure to share a healthy recipe each Wednesday, or maybe just to write one inspiring post each Sunday? It will be a fun weekly tradition for your readers, and it will also reduce the risk of you fining yourself in an inspiration rut. Win-Win!

Featured image: @johannaturpeinen