3 boosting fall tips and recipes with Foodgeekz

3 boosting fall tips and recipes with Foodgeekz

The fall is almost here and it is time to light up the candles, put on the cardigan and cook those warming soups. Foodgeekz aka. Evelina & Emmy will guide you through this fall with tips, tricks and recipes to keep your mood on top, your well-being in focus and to minimize your stress.  Food & Recipes - 3

We have felt it ourselves, the fall can be tough. After the summer holiday there are a lot more of those "have to", there is a lack of inspiration when it comes to the cooking and before you know it, it is winter all over again. It is important for us to use the time wisely, be in the moment and do conscious decisions in our everyday life. It is those small routines or small changes that will make a big difference in the long run. We think of the fall as the perfect season to add some special moments into our everyday life that will make a huge impact.

1. 5-10 minutes of meditation everyday

Meditation has changed so much for us. It has become the time when we connect with ourselves. A time when we reflect on what really matters, when we find a away to say "no" and when we refill our own positive energy. If you have never tried meditation before, it might feel a bit difficult in the beginning. Truth is, you do not have to make it into such a big thing. Set your alarm. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to just breath. Put your hand on your belly. Take a few deep breaths. Do it in the morning if you have the opportunity. We do it almost every morning and every night now, but at least once a day. We have a couple of Spotify playlists that we use during our meditation, feel free to use them as well. Here:

If you would like to know more about our journey of personal development and spirituality, you can listen to the podcast Holy Crap that we were just guests on. Listen to that episode HERE.

2. Golden porridge to ground yourself

After meditation and reflection it is important to ground yourself. Drink some water and have something warm to eat. It is also said that root vegetables are great for making yourself feel grounded. Our absolute favorite porridge contains everything you need. It is also very yummy!

Golden Porridge - Recipe for 2 persons:

3 dl of crushed buckwheat
1 carrot
3 tbs of turmeric
2 tsp of cinnamon
A bit of honey
2 tsp of cardamom

Do this:
Cook your buckwheat according to the instructions. Grate the carrot and mix it into the porridge. Add the turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and honey. Serve your porridge with nuts, granola, peanut butter and your favorite milk!

3. Clear out the old and plan out the new

It might be a bit cliché to clear out the old during the fall, but what they all say is true. Both of us has cleared out a lot during the last couple of weeks. Mostly because it feels good, but also to make room for new things. Our tip is to not start everywhere at the same time. It always ends up being really messy around the house or the apartment if you do. Start with one spot, your closet for example, and put it in your calender "Sunday, clear out my closet, 11-2 o'clock". The next day or week you start with the living room and so on. Do not start in all rooms at once. We have done that mistake a couple of times before when we planned for a whole day of clearing out things. When you are done clearing out your place it will feel so liberating.

Our tip is to also clean the air with salvia or palo santo before and after you clear out your material things. It will clean the air and take away all of the bad energies. Even our clothes and other material things has an old energy that we are surrounded by. That is why it is good to also clean the air every now and then. It is not expensive at all and so useful to have at hand. You can buy it HERE and HERE.

Or you can read about how we did our own smudges HERE.

4. Food that cook itself - ovenbaked chicken thigh fillets with fall themed root vegetables

While you are clearing out your place, let the oven do the cooking. This dish is one of our favorites and you can do it in so many ways depending on what you have in your fridge and what vegetables you like.

Recipe for one oven plate:

1 package of chicken thigh fillets (4 fillets)
1/2 of a sweet potato
A couple of handfuls of kale
1 small fresh head of broccoli
A few crumbs of feta cheese or white cheese
2 green onions
3 tbs of mayonnaise
Seasoning for the chicken: Curry, paprika, salt, pepper, chiliflakes, agave syrup

Do this:
Put your oven at 220°C. Peel the sweet potato and cut it into your desired shape, the thinner pieces the faster it will cook in the oven. Season the chicken and put it on the oven plate together with the sweet potato. Drizzle over some oil and season with some salt and pepper. Put it in the oven and lower the temperature to 180°C. Take out the oven plate when the chicken/potato has around 10 minutes left to cook and add on the kale, spring onion and broccoli, otherwise it will get burnt. Let the food cook for 10 more minutes and then serve it up with some mayonnaise. If you would like to make your own mayonnaise, this is our recipe:

Recipe for homemade mayonnaise:
1 egg
2 dl sunflower oil
1 tsp dijon mustard
A splash of lemon juice

Do this:
Mix your mayonnaise with a hand mixer. Put everything in a cylinder shaped bowl and hold your hand mixer still at the bottom of your bowl so that everything mixes well. It will take about 10-15 seconds. Season with salt and pepper if needed.

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