Sick week

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Outfit of the day- pants NA-KD, top NA-KD (bought at Sellpy), hat Gosse & gander, watch from polar.

Well hello Friday! I have been home from work all week since I have ben feeling a bit low and then waking up with a a bit of a sore throat just in the mornings for the past two days. So I have just been hanging around the house mostly but also been sitting at a cafe for two mornings to get have some fokus to studdy. The weekend is serving me a lot of time to learn again but soon I will be done with all of this and can start working a bit more as an actual personal trainer! But I will not only be stuck with picking my brain for the next two days, I will also have a night out with mom and my sister tomorrow, Saturday! We are celebrating her birthday a little so it will be super nice!

It will be a few preparations for next week when I will be back at work for my last weeks at this job! Soon I will be off to the US for another season. I am so excided I actually packed my skibag the other day, mostly to make sure everything fits... But now I have to go back to drinking te and studding! Tonight is another Friday in, wich I love! Xx Maddy