Idag gick jag på stan och har fått lite julkänslor ändå... Julpyntet på Clarion Post, julljusslingorna på gatorna, julhetsen på lagret och på gymmet, snart är det januari guys, nytt träningskoncept eller uppgradering av gymkortet kanske? ;)

Just nu är jag i full gång med jobb lite här och där, jobbar nu på Jollyroom och på Nordic Wellness Skidome vilket är awesome då jag kan variera arbetsuppgifter varje dag vilket passar mig just nu.

Nordic är ju givetvis mer givande för min del då jag gillar gym miljön och så vidare..

På fritiden..... Vilken fritid? Nej men, just nu tränar jag en kompis vid sidan av jobbet och det är jätteroligt det blir en rolig utmaning då han vill träna för att bli starkare i klättring, roligt med folk med målsättningar!

På tal om utmaning så håller jag på med en challange denna månaden vilket inkluderar ingen alkohol, ingen skitmat och ingen pasta osv.. 

Får se hur resultatet artar sig i slutet av månaden, spännande!! 

Nu ska jag laga käk för några dagar framöver och bara relaxa innan jag går på jobb vid fem.

Hur mysig är inte julbilden under? Längtar till jul, ska bli så roligt att fira julen i Sverige, förra året var jag ju i Australien i Sydney :D

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I made some glutenfree pancakes this morning with chickpeas, I've made this before but I have my own recipe and that is:

4 cups water

pinch of salt 

chick peas fluor 3 cups or -  (mix it until it's a good consistency)

Little bit of butter



1. Know that you are not alone—anxiety is normal.

You are not a freak. We’re all freaking anxious—most of us just don’t admit it. There is always hope and many inroads to understanding and healing the excesses of anxiety and overwhelm.

2. Reframe what the anxiety means.

Rather than thinking about anxiety as something that is wrong with you or some kind of catastrophic event, consider that you are a sensitive, intuitive human being who feels everything (and who may feel everything a LOT). That this is a gift to be cherished. Perhaps the sensory inputs from the world around you are overwhelming, and your work is to create healthy boundaries and to honor your introverted self.

3. Create healthy boundaries.

It's OK to protect your energy. For sensitive intuitives, anxiety leads to overwhelm. We must learn how to shield ourselves from the excessive energy of others and the world around us. It is necessary to have periods of retreat—from people, places, noise, information, news—for rest and renewal.

4. Release the energy of anxiety from the body in healthy ways.

Move your body. Do chores. Go for a walk. Work out. Do yoga. Get out of your head and into your body.

5. Use positive affirmations.

This is not to pretend that the anxiety doesn't exist or the problems you are dealing with aren't important. Using affirmations will lend strength to your neural networks and remind you of the goodness of life—we need these messages when in the throes of anxiety to support our way out. My favorites are "This too shall pass." "Good things are happening." Or my special favorite: "Help!" (Somehow, magically, the help always comes.)

6. Take care of your body.

Eat well, sleep enough, move often, rest, and play. Work with a trusted health care practitioner who can help you with individualized nutrition plans and who can help you learn about genetic vulnerabilities that can lead to anxiety and make appropriate corrections.

7. Tell someone you trust, and debrief.

Talk to a friend, family member, therapist, or health care practitioner. Tell your story. Let it all out no matter how crazy you feel you are at this moment. Let them listen and support you. We've all been there at one time or another.

8. Explore and heed the messages of anxiety.

Are you out of balance physically—not sleeping enough or eating too much sugar and processed food? Are you burning the candle at both ends again? Are you taking care of everyone in your life and leaving no time for yourself? Did you make a mistake and now have the opportunity to learn a better way? I know it's scary, but walk right up to it. Sometimes you have to wade through the muck to get to the other side.

9. Stay grounded.

Those of us with anxious constitutions often feel like we're floating outside of our bodies. We need the calm of bodies that feel connected to safe, solid ground. Stand tall and feel the earth beneath you.

10. Breathe.

Deep intentional breathing (deep breath in that fills the belly and chest over three to six seconds, brief pause at the top, followed by a slow breath out, and repeat) is the surest and quickest way to move our attention from anxious thoughts into the body, anchoring us to the present moment. It is a balm to the nervous system, reducing the outflow of stress hormones.

11. Get into your heart.

The art of feeling grateful is a distraction from the worry and stress of the mind. It is also a wonderful antidote to anxiety. It calms the nervous system, quiets the mind, and centers us in the present moment.



Hej, kan vi bara ta en tyst minut för mina extremt okapabla tekniska kunskaper när det gäller blogg.....

Var redo.

Lyssnar på Mia Skäringer och Mannheimer och de pratar om flygrädsla! De människorna vill jag vara vän med, precis i min smak. Hur som helst, resan mellan Moskva och Stockholm var extremt otäck.

När vi ska landa är det turbulens till 1000 och jag håller på att skita på mig, är utpräglad av tröttheten som nu har spridit sig ner till tårna som myrstick. Mitt upp i allt ska det vara världens cyklonliknande väder Sverige och jag känner ett stort panikfyllt rus genom kroppen när jag inser att de har svårt för att tygla planet i ett horisontellt läge innan landning i Stockholm.

Fyfan, tänker jag och känner att livet går mot sitt slut. Tittar ut, och hoppas på att lugnet från molnen ska ha någon slags sömn/nedsättande effekt men det blev bara förvärrat.

Hur aom helst när jag blir så rädd brukar jag alltid tänka att om jag dör nu har jag i alla fall med mig någon jag känner och det hade jag ju - mina vänner.

Brukar också tänka, fan vad synd att världen går miste om så exceptionella människor.

Alltid när jag landar brukar jag tänka, tack gode gud för att jag fick överleva en gång till.

Jag har några rädslor om jag kan erkänna och det är höjder, blod och smutsigt vatten från diskmaskinen.

Tack och hej, nu blir det vaxning och mys med en vän och sedan Slottskogen.



Hello everyone!

My jetlag is gone! Finalllyyyyy

When I moved to Australia I was tired and headache at least 2 weeks haha..

Today is beautiful weather and I am going to the cliffs to enjoy the day!

I am currently working, as I applied for work in Australia so I knew that I would‘t be without work and just go around here and think about how if feels to be in Sweden.

I‘ve been working literally since I got here and I love the feeling being productive.

My friends that are still in Australia keep sending me pictures of the nature and everything and It feels good.

And I‘ve had a couple of pictures from outside Cairns as well since I have a friend there and he is working at a farm from the Northern East part of Aussie nearby Cairns and It is awesome if you ask me!

Since my computer wanted to shut down one week before graduation I don‘t have all the pictures on my computer because the transfer to the hard drive was unsuccessful.

So here comes an other random picture I had in my powerpoint in school, pretty cool if you ask me- Chi gong

Peace out and have a great day!!

Madeleine Hahn



​Hello mates!

How ya doin‘ !!

In this case I have a new computer I can not handle it to hundred percent so you need to accept that or stop reading.

Homecoming from Australia, I‘ve been there a year for studies in one of my biggest interest, Exercise, anathomy, fysiology,exercises plans, training for older people with risk diseases and psychology all in training perspective.

In the long run it has been a really educating year, not only on paper but in my life. 

Many things have changed- in a learniningful way

#I am so happy that thing went that it did and that people places and time have its lesson all by itself.

# I am currently in Gothenburg and I am going to be here until I go to another country whenever that will be and I will not tell then plan yet.

# I am still in a chock and wonder where the sunshine is 

# I thought I missed Swedish pizza but unfortunately it wasn‘t even tasty /call me crazy but its true/

# OK, Pizzabagaren In Vemdalen he has the best pizzas, so I guess it is a bit of a perspective

I‘m really looking forward to live in Gothenburg since I lived in Vemdalen before Australia and that place is to small but it is a really beautiful village that is a pretty big Skiresort in Sweden, since they have urbanized a lot for about a just a year ago.

I am just a little up and down for the moment, so you will hear later about my journey!

Keep Calm and dont eat yellow snow!




Igår var vi på Blue Moutains Isabelle, Britta och jag. Det var så fint och så jäkla skönt att gå där uppe i bergen! Massa stigar som ledde till olika platser. Det finaste var three sisters point, tre stycken bergsklyftor som är på rad.

Det är så mycket asiater överallt här i Sydney så det känns inte att en är i Aussie ibland btw.

Sydney, It has been a pleasure to meet you.

Idag åker jag tillbaka till Sunshine Coast!




Just nu befinner jag mig i Sydney, har varit här sedan 21 december och åker hem 4 januari.

Det är så skönt att vara på semester och få träffa min barndomsvän Isabelle.

Dagen innan nyårsafton får hon ett meddelande från en kompis som undrade om vi ville fira nyår med dem, de bodde fantastiskt fint i ett stort hus i Sydney north så vi såg fyrverkerierna från andra sidan Operahuset.

Vi har bott hos Isabelles mammas kompis hela tiden, för det har varit extra svårt att få tag på hostel men thats alright! Har varit jättemysigt här med glögg/lussebullskvällar, familjen är underbar!

Vet inte vad dagen erbjuder idag, imorgon ska vi till Blue Mountains i alla fall.

Ciao så länge



Yesterday we had a bodybuilder at our school, it was pretty amazing. I have never see someone so close to me, except one time when I was in Croatia but that was more strongmen (they pull trucks and flipped tires, where athletes Compeed in  events involving different aspects of mental and psysical strenght, speed and endurance) 

Bodybuilders is usually bigger, more musclemass and (competition on stage)
Here I have one picture from yesterday 😀