A luxurious watch exudes prestige. Although perceived by some as a lavish unnecessary expense, certain watch brands might be considered as assets. They have a tendency to hold their price and are long-lasting pieces of magnificent design. This viral need for social superiority sometimes leaves those more gullible easily fooled into purchasing replicas of the luxurious origin. These duplicates tell time of course, but serve little less than that. When adding a timepiece to your collection, you aren’t just buying glass and ordinary parts. You are acquiring craftsman ship; Quality, durability and authenticity!

There is a wide array of sites selling watches online. So the buyer can almost always find a piece that fits their need. What if though, what you really want, is that one fine watch? On the other hand, you’re not a buyer, you’re an avid collector. But there is this watch that doesn’t quite fit the collection any more. Or this watch you got as a graduation present but it wasn’t really what you were hoping for. Worry not…

Dageega.com offers a platform where buyer and seller can both benefit. Sell your watch for the price you deem suitable. Buy a piece that adds luxury to your life.

Let’s dive deeper into the selling process of used brand watches…

Selling Your Luxury Watch at Dageega.com

  • Create your own account first
  • List your used watch, state the city, upload the pictures and add whatever pertinent details you wish. The best part is, just as our name promises, this just takes minutes!
  • At Dageega.com there is a one-time fee for posting a watch. Unlike other retailers, no percentage is incorporated into the fee.
  • Once registered, you will receive news about number of views of the listing and if it was marked as a favorite which will definitely increase the popularity of the listing.
  • Once your watch is sold, you can modify the status to “sold” by logging into your account.


Dageega.com is an online site that acts as a portal where you can easily buy and sell used watches. If you’re a seller, simply register, upload photos and enjoy the sale! If you’re a buyer then just browse the collection and possess your own luxury timepiece!

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Focus on Perfectly Perfect, instead of Perfectly Imperfect!

A watch should embrace this attribute. It is a remarkable accessory that will enhance every outfit. Whether you are flaunting your style in a chic ensemble or adopting a sophisticated appearance for a more formal setting, a trendy watch will speak volumes.

Beyond reach, some people are unable to afford brands and elegant watches. Closer to home. While others get bored and want to update their collections with the newest pieces available in the market. An opportunity to satisfy both sides. Everyone is well aware of online portals that offer “buying and selling”services. What makes Dageega.com special? Firstly, is the ease of use when listing a watch. Secondly is the availability of a used watch in the buyer’s own city. More importantly, enjoy the full payment as there is no percentage fee of the selling price!! With the advantage of these features, you will surely get a used luxurious watch that you would love to wear.

So, start your search for the right watch at Dageega.com. The first fully dedicated portal that helps you buy and sell watches online.

Make that far-fetched dream of owning a luxurious watch a reality. Surf the site and find your perfect match on dageega.com

Selling your watch? Simply, create your own account and list your watch at the desired price. Pay a one-time fee for your listing without the loss of a percentage of the sale. View your product, edit details and see how many views the listing got or if it was added to favorites! Sit back, relax and buyers will contact you!

Buying a watch?

With the same ease and flow, just browse the options and take your pick. A lavish collection to suit every taste and budget. Dageega.com offers a platform for luxurious used watches, where you can purchase your dream watch at a favorable price.

If you are a watch lover or an avid collector then it is best to keep Dageega.com on your radar. There is no better place to satisfy your needs. Whether you are selling or buying, join the world of luxurious used watches through Dageega.com

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