Funny Motivational Quotes to Put a Smile on Your Face

The smile is a contagious virus, it relieves tension, reduces anxiety, creates good moments, and reflects joy and happiness. The power of a smile is strong, it can change a day, a life, and short funny motivational quotes prove it. When you smile you are not only communicating to the other that you are having a good time, but it also improves health, as does good humor.

No one can refuse pretty smiles, they brighten your day and improve your mood. Perhaps that is why there are so many funny motivational quotes to enjoy.

You know what a smile is, but let's see what its definition is. It is the gestural manifestation in response to pleasure, happiness, joy and fun in the face of an event, memory, situation or pleasant words. When you smile you flex 17 muscles around your mouth and eyes.

Enjoy or share some of the best funny motivational quotes about smiles to enjoy alone or share with whoever you want.

Here Are Some Funny Motivational Quotes

Nothing like some good funny motivational quotes to start or end the day. Someone else's smile fills your heart and your own also makes your day a little better. That is why (and much more) that there are no reasons why not to share and enjoy these funny motivational quotes about smiling anytime, anywhere, whenever you need a positive message.

· "A smile means a lot. It enriches whoever receives it; without impoverishing the one who offers it. It lasts a second but its memory, sometimes, is never erased." (Anonymous)

· "A big smile is a beautiful giant's face." (Charles Baudelaire)

· "It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the tip of the sword." (William Shakespeare)

· "There are smiles that are not of happiness, but of a way of crying with kindness." (Gabriela Mistral)

· "There is no serious thing that cannot be said with a smile." (Alejandro Casona)

More Motivational Quotes So You Don't Stop Smiling

Positivity, love and good energy are essential to keep you in a good mood and healthy. Companies and your activities make a big difference, but keeping your head in a positive light and seeing the good side of things is the best way to be happy. A smile phrase is not the only one that can help. Many authors and anonymous have expressed these ideas in different types of motivational quotes, such as encouraging, optimistic and of course, about love. Enjoy some motivational quotes

so you don't stop smiling.

· Motivational quotes to give encouragement. It is not always possible to be in a good mood, sometimes different circumstances or just a bad day can make you perceive everything in a negative way. Perhaps some encouraging quotes will help you or can serve as a support to lift the spirits of a friend.

· Motivational quotes of optimism. For many people it is very difficult to think positively since they are quite negative ... but it is possible and a beginning can be the quotes about positivism. Read one every day when you wake up and you will notice changes, I assure you.

· Motivational quotes about love. We all seek love, some in a more obvious way and others less so. Not only is love between couples, there is also love between friends and of course, in the family. Express your feelings with recognized motivational quotes and not so much any day of the year.

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