Well dear readers, I have to write the words of truth to each and every one of you out there and with that, tell you that everything in this world need to run its course.Cwenga and I have been in India for too long and it is time for us to start thinking of when we should hop on a plane and go back home to Sweden, and with that comes the fact that we are ending this blog, yes i know this feels like a mortar strike. The vacation have been long and we have really lived through very good times, and sometimes crazy and a bit scary moments, that is hands down, going to be a memoryfor life.

I am personally very happy that we made these trips, yes I can admit that it was a bit rough when we landed and checked in to our hotel here in India, and that Cwenga and I really missed Germany, but we made it through the bad times and we laughed trough the good times. Living in India these weeks have been one of the most educating and interesting weeks in my life and have not regret it one bit that we decided to go over here.

Visiting different parts and seeing the peoples who live here have been an education in its self. It have been extremely important to meet and talk with people around every small little city here and Delhi. We in the western world need to start picking up the fight for equal rights in India, where men and women should be treated the same and have the same conditions in life. We need to start the fight against the starvations, unemployment, illiterate and speeding of deceases amongst the people, they also need a motivation to go on and start to make improvements and changes in their lives so we actually could change the world in a small way.

I would say that I’m leaving India with a good feeling, with “butterflies” in my stomach just like a person who just came home after a vacation and have many weeks of their "freedom" left to spend enjoying the summer. I’m going to arrive home happy and well rested from the ramblings around the globe, but I will have everything good and bad that I saw, and every kind person I met in India and talked to on my mind, maybe for the rest of my life.

Stay safe and take care.


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Well dear blog readers believe it or not, Cwenga and I are dusting of our cowboy hats and denim overalls, because we’re dragging out the ol’ country boy out of me and are headed to a local farmers market just outside Delhi.

Me and Cwenga felt that we had time over to do something fun, and for that matter, see the countryside and the culture around the area we are located. We thought that spending a day in the bush, yakking with nice fellas, picking up some corn and relaxing in the beautiful weather, away from the big city, is probably the big highlight of the week.

So we called our lobby guy and asked him to order a taxi for us that specifically would take us to the biggest and best farmers market far away up in the hills. That wasn’t a problem, especially when our driver knew the countryside like his backyard. So we arrived at the farmers market around 10 o’clock in the morning, just to be there in good time and to have all day ahead of us, walking around the market and especially to explore the beautiful village we were visiting, Halalpur. It was calm village that had very kind and pleasant inhabitants, and they welcomed us with opened arms when we walked the bumpy roads.

It was important to see how the people lived, and how the standards was in a regular working family especially on the countryside, which compared to a western home like back in Sweden or Germany, is very low and considered terrifying bad. Many people and families live in houses that is doomed to fall together any time, and that can be very dangerous in a scenario that an earthquake or a storm will make the house fall together when children or other people is staying in that house. Many people here in India, and especially in this part of the country is in desperate needs of education, work, good conditions in life, equal right for men and women, and knowledge to, for an example, fix their own house, take care of the family, have good hygiene and possibilities to seek care and help at an hospital. That is goals that the country need to achieve, and that the surrounding world need to help India with.

Cwenga and I then later on got invited in to a very welcoming home were we got an extremely well tasting lunch, cooked with ingredients that grown in this village and that we bought from the farmers market, the couple in the family cooked us some chicken in a curry sauce, served with fresh rice and Indian spiced greens. Everything was completely delicious, and Cwenga and I will probably don’t need our taxi driver back to the hotel; we can just start rolling down the hill and see where we end up.

Best regards from a 20 pound heavier Lucas.



Hey guys

Let me tell you about the fun park and how we pulled of a great day, packed with good happenings.

As you read in the last post Lucas teased you with a little info about the corndogs we had a breakdown with, and that we were at the fun park with the two Italian girls Friduchi & Juliet.

I was very excited to go to the fun park, I have always been fascinated about how fun it is to hang up side down in a roller coaster and feel the taste of Burgen Fels slowly get up from the stomach to the mouth, and feel the blood pressure rise and when you are about to start fainting away you get back to normal, it must be something with living on the edge (as I always do) that makes me go totally ham, the rush is amazing.

Back to our Italy friends Friduchi & Juliet, the day have been amazing, and especially to hang out with two beautiful girls. We have been doing many interesting things and laughing our asses of, all the time. Both these gals have grown in my eyes, from being some random dudes at the café to getting to know them, and becoming really close to each other. It’s fantastic to get to known each other that fast, I hope we getting to see each other soon again.

Best regards to all readers

Your Cwenga



Cwenga and I have been really freaking busy lately, so busy rambling around the streets of Delhi and hanging out with our friends here in India, that we haven’t had any time updating our awesome blog, sorry.

These weeks have been really great; we have seen and lived through both, good and bad times. First and foremost, our friends is rocking, they have taking us to adventures that is going to be a memory for life. We have visited a fun park that Cwenga wrote about, that was a really great time there, and believe it or not my beloved blog readers, I found a booth on the park area that distributed us with, wait for it, corndogs with curry on it! It wasn’t sadly enough, a currywurst, but a corndog, especially with curry on it, is a great eat!

The day after we went on the fun park, the “clique” (me, Cwenga, Friduchi and Juliet) decided that we wanted to see more of India, the culture, the landscapes, and of course how the people in the country are doing.

We then decided to go to an orphanage just outside Delhi, maybe to bring joy to the kids who live there, or maybe just for our own reason, so we could understand how some people in the world have it, and how their conditions in life are.

We all got a bit sad and happy when we got to the orphanage and met the loving children. The children who live there, are living under really rough circumstances, were they share room with up to 10 or 12 other children. The amount of food the kids get can vary a lot between the orphanages; some can just give the children very little to eat every day, were the practically, share a big bowl of rice with little meat or chicken for lunch and dinner. The orphanage we visited on the other hand had it pretty decent on the food front. They all got their own plate with a good healthy meal three times a day, which contain all their daily nutrition that is needed.

I will really update our blog later this day and yak a bit more to everybody out there who is interested.

Yours sincerely

Luke the nuke. 




'Sup everyone!

Cwenga and I are right now, walking around in Delhi having a great time in this beautiful city and actually, having a delicious Kati roll!

A Kati roll is a traditional Indian dish which contains vegetables, chicken or beef and a sauce, all this, combined in a pita bread, you could simply call it an Indian kebab. Too this beautiful dish, we are clearly enjoying a Kosna, which is a rice beer, crafted just like the Indian traditions. Not like in Germany and Burgen-Fels though :/

Earlier today we met the two Italian girls that we got to know on the beer-tasting day, they are two really nice gals and we really had a great time. Cwenga actually spend the whole morning searching for a number too their hotel room (yes the first number we got apparently didn't work) and we finally got a hold of them. So we met at a classic Indian café in down town Delhi and we had a great time drinking some coffee, and myself and Cwenga had a delicious chocolate Barfi (it is da shit) and Juliet and Friduchi loved their choice in the café: Chocolate Sandesh. So when we sat on the café we decided that we should go to a fun park tomorrow, just to have a great time! I believe that Cwenga will fill all of your lost souls out there with info about the tomorrow day and stuff from the fun park :-). I will be busy trying to find a booth in the park where they sell curry wurst, so i can buy one to both Friduchi and Juliet, just so they can see how it’s like, and hopefully love it just as much as me and Cwenga. (Yes we yakked consistently about curry wursts on the café). Well if you don't find a curry wurst booth what will you do then Gorgen? I bet you all want to ask me that, yep then I’ll probably have to satisfy myself with a sad corndog.

Peace out everyone and stay safe out there. Big hugs, Gorgen aka Lucas.

Ps. Hope you all don't get stuck in traffic like over here.




I'm back ready to share some news and updates from our India trip. The hotel is fantastic, sun is shining and the beer is cold and fresh, it's just like to be back in Germany.

At the plane we had some minor problems with our seats because we wanted seats near the window, but we got two seats in the middle, between a couple which was talking to each other throughout the whole flight.

I tried to talk some sense into Lucas and tell him that this wasn't a big deal, but he was very angry and upset - like a little child who don't gets his happy meal at McDonald. After a lot of argue with the flight attendant we got seats in business class.

When we arrived 06pm to the hotel we checked in and before we even had a chance to pack up our things Lucas had fallen asleep on the fresh hotel bed, so I decided to join him.

When we woke up a really weird lobby guy stood besides our beds and said:

- Good morning Sir do you want breakfast?

- Yes, that would be nice

- Okay give my 5 minutes and I'll be right back with your food

- Thank you

After we had eaten our breakfast we wanted to see more of India so we called our guide, he recommended us to get to some beer-testing down town when he heard us talking about memories from Germany, and how we already missed it, this beer-tasting being just a block away, I looked at Lucas and we both agreed.

At the beer testing we met two new friends who we had a lot fun together with. Their names were Friduchi & Juliet both from Italy, at least what they told us, really nice gals, and we took each other's numbers and where going to catch up later on. Right now we are back in our hotel and Lucas have brought two kinds of curry, he mumbled something about some sausage he would make back home.

That was all for today, take care and I will hear from you again and see you soon, warm regards Sven

Ps. I called the number that Juliet and Friduchi gave us and I only heard a male voice in the end of the line:

  • -The number you have dialled, cannot be reached for the moment, please try again later.

So I will try them again tomorrow, sleep tight.

Ps again. This is some pictures on us from a beachday in Germany



Dear diary

Okay so folks where were we? The last post was about our journey in Germany at the incredible October fest, If you ask me I think that's it where pretty awesome, I don't have that much memories from the trip but I have a taste of curry and Burgen-Fels in my mouth so I hope for sure it where fun...

As you know me and my bruh Gürgen AKA Lucas is on our way to the land of curry, yes u guessed right: India!

During the night I'll bin planning the trip to India and after, many suspicious calls to the lobby Guy at the Hotel in Taj Mahal in India I have found a room for 2, the odd thing is that the payment is not in cash. If I got him right he said something like this:

-"Mr.Dahlberg, no cash money, just cows and cats" So we'll see how we solve this when we get there.

PS Don't tell Lucas, I told him that it would cost about 25 pounds for one night, and he didn't argue.

This is a Awesome pic from October fest in Germany, as you all can see, we loved it!



Wassup y'all! Almost missed ya.

Me and my brah Cwengovichi is now wrapping up our journey to Deutschland's October fest and are getting a bit sick and tired of 5 days of consistently eating "curry-wurst" and only drinking "Burgen-Fels" although it friggin' rocks, our vacation planning is going to take us to different places in the world, and with deep sorrow we sadly need to leave Germany and haul our 10 pound heavier asses to India!

With a little bit of ironic tones in the sentences above, we are really stoked out about going to the "motherland" of curry, and hopefully we can make some good deals and buy some curry so we can make our own "currywurst" back home.

We are going to travel from our hotel here in Berlin with a cab to the airport and then take a Boeing 797 straight to India! I am seriously so excited about the hotel that Cwenga found to a killer price on the internet, so probably after a few hours, rambling around in Deli, we will duck out to our hotel.

You will hear from me and Cwenga soon again! Stay safe and stay tuned broskis.

Best regards from a 10 pound heavier Lucas aka Gorgen.

Our hotel: