Three weeks ago I arrived back in Sweden, this time to stay. It's been the best year of my life, but also the hardest. I'm proud over myself, and what I have achieved. I've grown and learned so much during this year, mostly about myself. I've never doubted as much on myself in some of the situations I went through, but I still never felt more confident. It takes time to really get to know yourself, and now after a year abroad I feel stronger, more independent and more confident than I was before I left. I arrived in North Carolina, scared of what people thought about me, and left as a new person. Now, I don't care what people think about me. We should all be more like Americans sometimes. Swedes, trust me, It's an awesome feeling.
Thank you to all my friends in North Carolina for your kindness and life long memories we have created together. Thank you Coach, who made me believe in myself. Brandi, for always being there for me and for being the momma/sister I never had. Andrea, my (sometimes annoying) brother who I love with all my heart. My forever American/Italian family.

THANK YOU mom and dad. Thank you to the worlds best family who does everything for me and a little bit more. Thank you for letting me experience and explore the world. You are forever loved. I will always be grateful for this experience.


  • Nära Vigo di Fassa, Province of Trento, Italien



Hej Lovisa! Jag undrar om du kommer att fortsätta gymnasiet och gå i 3an eller om du kommer gå om 2an? Kramar