Daily thoughts and Reconstructing

Postad i: Vardag

Good evening everyone! I know there has been a while... but I'm actually not choosing to feel guilty or have any disgrace about it, because I also know that my last weeks has been completely kaos. Do you know the feeling when basically everything happens to occur during the same time-frame. I'm specially aiming the school... when you almost forget that you have a life outside the world of studying - constantly sitting with you face towards some kind of school-litterture. The mind tend to betray yourself after a while... you surround yourself with all these musts and demands, not with what actually makes you feel pleased in your daily basis. I'm not going to go any further or deeper... just leave it to say that I have come to the conclusion of reconstructing the blog partly. As you may have noticed, I'm writing in english, and you may also wonder what that has to do with all this talk about school... you see, on this year behalf, I have begun taking really advanced english classes. You all have considerably heard of Cambridge English, or as it is now changed to be called "C1 Advanced". That is what I am currently studying as part of my syllabuses. With the hand on my chest, it has taken up a lot of that litterture-time I mentioned in the beginning... To put two pieces together, I have therefore decided to switch the blog over to english. It is the only way I can do both, and it is an enormous plus for me since I am actually heading towards the final of the upper-secondary school, and hopefully the beginning of an new path of livelihood in London next autumn, if I get accepted at the uni I am going to apply to rather soon. The conduct of the blog will remain the same though... but since I am now trying to develop the blog to not only be a daily updating one, in fact rather become a site with truly well-written posts emphasising inspirational subjects, I will not promise as frequent updating as I previous had.

Sleep tight you all!