why did u had to give me another reason to cry?  wasnt it enough that i was hangin on through the very tip of my fingers..  "LOVE" i thought u had my back this time, but man i was wrong.


you used to make my heart jump in and out of my myself when we were..

everytime u looked at me i felt my soul flowt out of me when we were..

i woke up every morning, reaching for ur face, ur smile and ur kiss when we were..

lying in ur arms was like a shelter sheltering me from the world, nothing else existed when we were..

that was when we were..

where r we now??

give me back my soul wich u stole, my heart that u ripped away, my home so its here to stay, my hope my trust my smile my happiness

my will...

to live again



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for your sake people.. if u have anything against me or have been having a feeling to chalenge me im some way,, u might as well just let it the fuck be! cause guz to know by know u`ll never win... u`ll just waste ur precious little time and gotta have to deal the humiliation =) i have that spirit,, whatever u do wont come through! cause i never loose,, in the end I ALWAYS WIN!!!!!!!! its my mother fucking way,, or the mother fucking highway.... thats just how it is. i never quit untill things goes my way im da greatest surviver if u dare to try me u`ll personally see. remeber i might seem normal to u,, whatever normal is.. but reality is no one knows me,, i`m fucking psychotik... u fuckers dont wanna mess with me,, quit trying if u dear ur life,, or it will never be the same again. just focus on making the best of urown, whatever ur doin.cause if u dont give me a reason i wont klick.. yall too week for me.