Yacht life

Omg, the last couple of weeks has been everything from amazing go stressful painful, so much fun, exhausting and just a great time. Feels like we’re working 24/7 but I honestly don’t mind. I learn so much from these people and I’m so grateful that my first experience was with such a great crew! I have a few more days onboard this yacht and it’s going to be really sad when I actually get off. This crew is amazing and I love every second of it. Will be fun to go back to Antibes and see who’s still living at the crewhouse and not, but then I can’t wait to board the plane back to Los Angeles to see my wonderful friends and boyfriend. I just wanna go to Runyon Canyon, take my standard hiking pics and just enjoy the dirty air 😂😂 I’m grateful to life right now and I’m so happy to see all these beautiful places and meet all these awesome people!