Weekend vibes

Gotta luv the weekends right now tho, I really enjoy some time off on this island, I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again: I love it here!

Been kinda relaxing all weekend, went out with the captain and chef on Friday had some sushi at the beach club across the street, it’s so freaking delicious!

Yesterday I took the Bosun and the lifeguard for some island road trip was supposed to buy a bikini but someone forgot her wallet 🙈
Today it has just been me and Mexico driving to the French side of the island for a hike and it was so damn beautiful. Iguanas everywhere and just amazeballs!

We just got back to the boat so imma make myself some lunch and take a long ass cold shower because I’m sweaty asf rn lol.

Anyways , kinda sad I’m missing out on another year of Swedish Father’s Day! Only negative thing about being away from home, u miss out on a lot with ur friends and family and many important days. But at least they’re always with me in my mind and I’ll make up for it once I’m back in Sweden ☺️❤️



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