I haven’t had time nor really felt like posting here in a few days, I’ve been so up and down and super busy at work. There’s been surprise parties for our chief stew which turned out great. Boss reserved the vip section at the beach club across the street and we all ended up having a really good time with some American football, music and good food.

Other than that boss as well took me and some other crew to this tiny tiny private beach that we found when going out on the tender boat. It was a really good day with nothing but sun, laughter and for me.. a broken phone.

So on my first day off since I first started working here I had to go in to town and buy myself a new one. Uuuuh not what I wanted to spend my money on tbh. But I had a great day, this local girl from the club showed me around and omg this place is so damn beautiful! We even went to gamble at the casino, took the smallest hike I’ve ever done lol. But it was a great day.

This week is going to be a little more crazy than others, first guest is arriving today and the other 3 or 4 tomorrow for bosses birthday party later this week. Pirate themed party tho, I’m probably the most excited one out of all crew and guests lol.



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