Saint Marteen

British Virgin Islands was a beautiful place and had so much fun and I’m so happy I got to experience it. But since we weren’t able to get into dock with the boat and being on anchor for the past three days I’m kinda relieved of leaving for Saint Marteen now. I miss taking walks and being outside of the boat a little bit.
Today was quiet chill tho since everyone went fishing and there was no need for us detailing the boat since we were going to leave later today. I even got the opportunity to help Jazper with some deckhand duties. We had to swim around the boat and clean it from the outside and I really enjoyed it! The currents was kind of strong so it was a struggle to stay close to the boat but, hey at least it’s a workout lol.

Sitting on the first shift of night watch with the captain right now. Will take us about 12 hours to get there but my chief stew giving me time to sleep in ‘til 8:30am at least so that’ll be nice!
Super excited to wake up to this new place I’ve heard so much good off! Hopefully we’ll stay there for at least a week or so



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