Last day

It’s never easy to leave all these ppl, this city .. it’s just never easy to say good bye to what you love. Especially this time when I honestly don’t have a time plan on when I can actually go back. Long distance relationships sucks no matter if it’s with boyfriend, friends or family, you always miss them no matter what. My time here has been amazing and I’m so happy I finally got to come back home. I wish I had more time but I gotta realize it’s time to get back on my feet and actually start looking for something more permanent for myself. I’ll be back tho, somehow someday I know I will. I got too many ppl I love here and so much more to see, (even tho I’ve pretty much done and seen everything there is in this city 😂😂).
Breaks my heart to leave but at the same time I know what’s waiting for me and I look forward to new adventures and more experiences. But first off, Sweden to repack and say my good byes to the other ppl that I love