Heartbreaks and heartaches

I’m traveling the Caribbean and been out here for about 5 weeks now, it brings so much joy to my life. I’m working with a great crew for a great boss on a great boat. But it doesn’t change the reality and it doesn’t take away heartaches.

3 years later we’re going our separate ways. Literally pains me to even write it as well as talking about it out loud. I have so much love for this guy and a part of me really thought we were going be able to make it through the distance. We have been through so much more than people can ever imagine over the past few years. I’ve never met a more generous person and he’s literally been taking care of me in a whole new level than anyone ever can.

Our relationship was everything but easy but we have always been able to work through every struggle and every obstacle we have faced but I guess this is just not our time. I love Nick in a way that i thought wasn’t even possible, and I know that I’ll miss him always! But for now we just can’t do more from here, and that literally breaks my heart.