Last day of the charter! Weโ€™re so tired right now, frustrated and just annoyed, chef quit the last day of the charter left us hanging with no food for one of the guests. Thank god our little 3rd is a girl of many talents lol, she pulled off such a cute apitizer and tapas for the guests. The drama that has been the last week has drained us of energy and doesnโ€™t really matter how much I sleep, my head is spinning 110% at all times. I even wake up exhausted right now. But weโ€™re finally at the last day and weโ€™re heading back to Sint-Maarten later on today. Iโ€™m so in love with that place and so happy to go back even tho we might not even have much time to get off the boat before boss is coming on. Iโ€™ve actually missed him and even if I expect some disappointed and angry comments about all this drama that started before even the charter did, itโ€™s going to be nice to have him back!



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