My body is aching and I’m so freaking tired. This whole week has been nothing but heavy lifting, do everything twice or maybe even four times to get it right and uuuh, reorganize is not always the easiest thing to do. But I’m almost done in one of the salons after four days trying to get it right. All we can do now is hope that the chief stew likes the way I’ve organized it when she gets back from her vacation 😅 I’ve been waking up at 6 am going for morning walks everyday now and it feels so good, Paiba joins me sometimes which is always nice with some company but I just really need to get out of the boat more, there are way too many cookies and chocolates around here 😂 we booked our first charter trip as well, think we might stay here in Sint-Maarten until we leave for it which is the end of next month ish, but I couldn’t care less, this place is amazing!



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