🎄 Christmas

I haven’t had much time to actually keep this one updated with everything that is going on, on the boat. Will be an even more busy week coming up.

We finally left Antigua, even tho it was such a beautiful place, all I wanted was to go back to Sint-Maarten. Have been here for a couple of days now and we’ve been so busy getting the boat ready for the upcoming charter trip. We was pretty much all done with detailing and everything but since we do have kids onboard we pretty much have to do it all over again before the 26th.

Me, Medici and my new little stew went out on the first night coming here, we had so much fun and I’ve really missed going to Roxxy to be honest.
Other than that I’ve spent every free time I’ve had at Jazpers place.

With all the drama going on right now my best friend quit the boat and I was standing crying like a little baby. Even if we hang out after work while I’m here I’m still like honestly so sad he’s not here in the mornings and it’s feels so empty at work without him. And doesn’t make it easier that we’re leaving in two days either because I won’t know when I’ll be able to see him the next time.

Anyways it’s finally Christmas and we’re only working half day today before heading out for a crew Christmas lunch and then I’m meeting up with my friends again. It’s going to be so nice to have half day and tomorrow off before our first charter ever. I’m sad to leave this place and some people behind but kinda excited to have this trip over with and see how it goes.



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