Blogged from my phone

Another day another dollar, four gets came onboard today from America to celebrate bosses birthday. Has been so much to do but time goes by so fast when you keep yourself busy and it feels great. Have been running around all day doing both housekeeping duties as well as service but it’s so much fun! Was supposed to go out with boss and his friends but since the security came out with them I was able to get off before 9 so I’ll be able to get my 8-9 hours of sleep before I take on the early shift in the morning. Just had to get off the boat for a little bit before going to sleep and sit down and chill for a minute. Trying to download all my apps and try to remember all my passwords for everything.. can’t believe I can’t even logon to my iCloud because I can’t remember password and don’t have access to my old American number or credit card which it’s linked to. Uuh..

Im happy the photographer from Roxxy’s beach club was able to send me some of the photos that were taken since I lost all of my stuff when my phone broke. At least I have some to save on my hard drive now ☺️



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