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Work has been a little crazy for the past week. Once boss decided to come back for a little bit me and Angie had to clean up every project we’ve been working on and trying to freshen up boat as much as possible. Got even more work to do since he decided to bring along four friends when we’re only two in the interior crew. It’s been going real well tho and we’ve had so much fun. It’s been both movie nights as well as casinos and stripe clubs. Yesterday I went to my coworkers family hotel on the island with boss and his friends and we had such a good time. Spent the day by the pool before we went up to my coworkers house where we chilled for the rest of the day. The chef got fired yesterday so imma have to include another task to my job today: crew food. Lol ppl
Who know me knows how I should probably not be the one in the kitchen
😂 but the captain is going to help out with the food for the guests so at least I’m not gonna screw that up 🙄