You get pissed over the little things
Then you wanna take it out on me
you the cussing and getting loud with me
Thinking im not gonna do a thing
Well guess what you got the right one today

If you im gone let you talk shyt to me
boy you gotta nother thing coming
And if you think im gone let you get all up boy you better think again
And if your thinking you gone put your hands on me
You better think twice before you do to me
cause your not the man that i thought you was

Cause there's a right way to love and wrong way to love
wont let you put my heart through it
like every other man has
cause baby I know this ain't us

Cause this thing that we got
between us, is what's hot
baby You know your my rock
And im your diamond,that's shinin
cause between us baby
you know as well as I know
there ain't no taring is apart
oooh no no no

I know you don't mean
what you say to me
and I know you love me
cause if you didn't you wouldn't be here with me
but agruing back and fourth ain't gonna solve thing
it's just gonna make things even worser
then before

Cause I'm not trying lose you over
something so little
Cause baby you know I love you like crazy
and I wouldn't change this for nothing in the world