Freedom for women

(And for anyone who can get pregnant)

This is a topic that upsets me a lot. Because it’s so fundamental. The fight on abortion is not about babies, it’s about controlling women. Ultimately it takes away freedom. Abortions will happen whether it’s legal or not, let’s make them SAFE. I am not pro-abortion in the sense that I think it should be a casual birth-control option. It can be a big and very difficult decision for a person to get an abortion, and many times it comes with a lot of trauma. But still, it should always be her choice. Reproductive freedom becomes economical freedom. Safe and legal abortions are part of basic health care. The recent decisions on almost banning abortions in Poland (that already had some of the strictest abortion laws) which is one of the geographically closest countries to Sweden, makes me shaking of anger and fear. Same with the abortion restrictions that are happening in different parts of the US, where I live and have spent the last 4,5 years of my life. How can there be more restrictions on a woman’s body than on guns? It’s absolutely insane. Had to get out these feelings somehow so I fled to some hasty art creation. The act of creating something is always more important than the result!
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Oil & embroidery on sketch paper