Boulder and Green Mountain!

Had an absolutely amazing Sunday today. Together with Emma and her roommate Liv (Olivia) I went to Boulder, Colorado. We did a hike high high up in a mountain called the Green Mountain. It was a wonderful trail with forest and fantastic views. The sun was shining and the weather was warm, even though there was some snow on the ground.. typical spring in Colorado!
Afterwards we went down to the town of Boulder, located at the foot of the Rockies mountain range, to visit a famous and old restaurant called The Sink. Obama has eaten here! Had a great meal and drink in the sun before strolling down through the town and getting a feel for the vibe. Pearl street, the main street in Boulder had a lot of live music and people out walking and eating ice cream etc. First impression: This town definitely feels different from Fort Collins, it’s more of a boujee vibe in Boulder. Furthermore, Boulder feels more like a college town, a lot of fraternity and sorority houses, college students everywhere, very dirty at many places with trashed red cups and half empty beer cans from the Saturday’s college parties laying around, while Fort Collins feels a little more hippie and has more families and non-college connected people living there. Fort Collins is the bigger town population wise (165 000 vs 106 000).