The fires are closer than ever and the smoke is hanging over the sky. This afternoon we walk around in a sepia filter - no exaggeration. But it’s supposed to come snow late this weekend, hopefully enough to stop the fires..

I took this picture in downtown where I biked today to check out the Global Village Museum of folk arts!




Like the Marlon Brando classic, it's "Apocalypse NOW", it's not a distant far-in-the-future scenario, disasters are happening right now. I heard that Cameron Peak fire was the biggest in the state's history, and that's saying a lot, 'cause there have been some really bad years. We just don't get the nice fall weather like we used to, just a couple of days here and there, almost the whole season lurches from one extreme event to the next, like extremely windy, warm days to extremely cold, rainy snowy days, and it's a fact that the jet stream patterns have changed dramatically, making the changes last for like two or three weeks at a time, before the next change comes.


oh wow... stay safe!