American nudity & pizza

This afternoon I went with Emma and Laurel to the Museum of Art Fort Collins. It’s the prettiest building in the town. We saw their new Contemporary Portrait exhibition, always fun with some art. Isn’t it typical for the USA to warn its museum visitors about “full female nudity”. Imagine if they would have a sign like that outside National Museet in Stockholm or the Louvre in Paris or any art museum in Europe. Again I think it’s the deeply rooted religious traditions here in the US that makes Americans scared of nudity - unless it’s porn, because of that they have a lot. The naked body (the female specifically - would they have warned if it was a naked male body?) is only portrayed in a sexual way or not at all, which is crazy. Nudity is the way we were born, it’s our natural state. We gotta take back our bodies. Freedom.

For dinner we headed over to Beau Jo’s to have huge fluffy Coloradian pizzas with honey in tiny plastic cups for dipping. That wouldn’t be found in Europe either. But I’m not complaining, the thick pizza crust dipped in honey tasted great.