Hello everyone, no update yesterday cuz life happend and came inbetween. First I sleppt really bad friday to sathurday, at 2,45 I woke up hearing my neighbour arguing laoud screaming and so and I actully hear every word the sout.. not ok and then it did sound like they were beating each other. So around 3,30 I rang there door bell asking them to take down their noise and stop it, this is not the first time it happens eighter.... and after this I dident sleep much and 5.30 my son tought its a good idee to get up.

I started to work at 8 i the morning and came home 17,30 cuz it were loads to do at work. It only take me 10 min to get to work and back home again on my bike. So when I came home my kids were longing for me and showing of signes of beeing tired so first houer were rough with them crying. After they gone a sleep i fell a sleep early like 19,30. And at 2 my son eoke up ready to play so between 2-5 in the morning i tryed first to get my son to ho back to sleep and then my daughter.... so now after an other stressfull long day at work my 2 angels are sleeping early and Im soon of to bed.

Tomorrow Im working extra between 8-12 and after that I will go get me self som ”bus” as we call it in swedish standing for ”brun utan sol” and that is selftaning cream. So Im going to go get my self ST.Tropez dark tankng mousse and hope it will give me the look im after.

By te way the pic belove is the sight of my kid bedroom when I came home today after 8 houers of work....

My kids this morning its about 6 am and my son is sitting on their ikea play kitchen... did i mention he loves to climbe every were...

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Hello everybody! Im sitting here waiting for Idol to start felling a bitt tired after 2 days of work. Im feeling the cold weather trying to get in and missing thailand.

Sep 11 we whent to thailand with my mom and dad to there house. It was my 3 trip there and my twins first trip by flight. Im the kinde a oerson that will belive and set my minde on that its going to be the worest trip ever. That they wont sleep and cry non stop. And make sure I try to plan so I have it as easy I can get flying with twins that are soon 2 years and so full of energy its crazy.

I have to say it suprasingly whent great, thank god. We borded the first flight and we got offer to extra seats for rhe kids. The food came and after that they slept almoste 3 hours then it were only 1,5 h left. When we landed we hade 3 h lay over begore we whent on the next flight were they felk a sleep within 1 h after take off and sleept the rest of the 5,5 h flight. The last flight we went on at 3 in the motning local time but that were like 23 our own time. We did fly with emirates and I must say I higly recomend them flying with kids they are helpful and caring and they gave some really cut gifts for my kids on every flight❤️

One other thing that I HIGLY recomend is mountain buggys bagrider that bag is worth its weight in gold having kids. They can sitt on them strapt down and ride it straigt on to the playn and down the seat lane on the plain.

Well thailand then we spent a litle more then 3 weeks, we went to hua hin witch is located about 2,5 h souht from bangkok. Like i mantion earlyer this were my 3 trip and I only been in hua hin and bangkok. That is because i been to cheep cuz I dont spend more then 75 us dollar for 3 weeks of living when i go. And thats all thanks to my parents and there place. So we only pay for cleaning, water and elctricity. Witch makes it really cheep and the houes are is nice and almoste everytime i have been going its been like 2-5 other familys there and there is like 20 -40 houses on the area so we enjoy the emtynes and freedom that brings to run around but naked and have fun in the sun hahaha...



So today i worked from 8-16 so I havent been doing much. Came home cuddle with my angels got kisses and hugs that warm me to the core. Around 17.20 i draw up a bath for the kids they love bathing. And after that we lwerelistening to some stories by Astrid Lindgren. And around 19 both were deep a sleep and I whent toget some mord info for the family three.... hihi cant stop feels like an addction but niw Im start runing in to walls with less info.

Well leaving that sitting here dreaming my self away for black friday im hopiing that www.lilash.com will give some really good deals. And then this other thing is dna test to se were you coming from that now looking intrestting and i heard dem do deals every now and then. I m also sitting here thinking if im to by a bronzer from st.tropez to make my thai tan feel like it lasting a bit longer. Anyone out there tryed a bronzer? I havent yet so still thinking about it and if i should...

Well tomorrow is work again im working 11-17 and hopping for a fast day to make it pass by.

Li lash is something i been using before and it really works. I love how my lashes is long and pretty when I use it. It always feel a litel expensive but when i start using it and se the results its all worth it. So if you want long nice lashes try li lash works like a charm everytime.



To day were an other day of I took the time playing with my kids and signed up with ancestry. For some time now i wanted to do genealogy and started it before so i know quiet a bit about my family on my dads side, so I signed up with ancestry and got my self a proper family three on made. On my moms side it stops with my grandparents, my mom only know her dads name and are not even sure what year he died.

The big reasson i started this now is cuz I hope my kids will be intressted and think its nice like me knowing there history. Right now i have a ok relaionship with there dad but you nevere know when that can change and for how long he will be around so I try finding out as much I can for them while people is still around and alive.

My grandfathers grandmother was a intressting women i wrote an essay about her in school. Her name or nickname were Kata Dalström. She was one of the first women in sweden involved in poletics as high up as the goverment. She tryed to make it better fir workers and women. She dud some really outstading trips to russia. And the first born son untill me were to inherit a chair she made and a potrait of her. My father change so it will be the first born that get it not the first son. I have 2 brothers they are twins and born 3 years after me. So my first born is my daugther Cassandra that came a whole minute before her litle brother Caspar.



Its 21.40 and for me that is pretty late going to bed🙈. I use to go to bef around this time bout 3 weeks ago we came home from thailand and the time diffrent made me end up in bed and sleeping before 20,30.

Well i have a routin before bed and it always make me relax and ready to sleep no mather what is stressing me that day. About 30 min before bed I drink a big cup of cinnamon and honey water. This i usally boil every 2-3 days always make 2,5 liter at each time. This is suposed to be consumed warm but not hot. For does the dont know honey should never be in warmer water then 42 degrees celcius it kills all good thing in honey.

So while i put my kids to sleep ill let the boild cinnamon watter chill when i can put one finger in it with out burning but still feeling warm its usally around 38-42 degrees. Then i put in honey and stire it propper. I drink it straight up and then go to brush my theet and take a warm shower as warm as I can take it this makes all muscels relax and you feel warm and nice going to bed. I usally falls a sleep within 10 min after i lay down.

Recepei for one cup

2,5 dl cinnamon water
2msk honey

So i usally boil about 2,5 liter so its about 10 cups
And i use cinnimon bark when i boil NOT sticks.

If you guys google this tea you will finde alot of good bennefits from it. I notice 2 good once 1 I sleep much better when i drink it i notice. Seconde since i start drinking it now for 3 months i loste 10 kg not doing nutting major change in my lige still not working out yet and i not eating less.



So this blogg is me trying somthing new, Im a mom to twins so life is really bussy. Im doing this blogg for 2 ressons. 1 keeping a juornal and 2 sharing experience with others.

Im not great with spelling or gramar so pleas bare with me. English is not my first language eighter but i feel more like me writening it cuz i speak it daily.

Im slightly ower weight at the moment allwas been but never this much. Kinda happen with the stress and no sleep having 2 kidz create. I always loved my self no mather my size but age really tought my to really love my self. Im right now trying to lose a bit not for any other reasson then me wanting to have more energy playing with my to angels.

I been trying to eat vegiterian/ vegan food since one year, but before i went i were a big meat lover so every now and then i eat meat, trying to take it out totally doo.