We met Michelle who is one of JJ (Alice) friends and Lucy how also is a friend of her. They are very important right now in the novel because we get flashbacks to her childhood and what happened when she was younger. Michelle is her best friend and Lucy always follow them. Lucy is shy and dare not say what she thinks and Michelle is the exact opposite. Jennifer is in between, she want’s to fit inbut she also says what she think.

Her mother is also important right now in the book. Jennifer find out things about her mother that she didn’t know or thought about her. In jennifer’s eyes her mother is a good, beautiful and smart person but she had so wrong. Her mother is the right opposite. Her mother is not just a model she is also a prostitute.

And we met her boyfriend’s family, he has a sister who is ten years old. She really likes Alice. Of course his parents like her to but his sister is extra glad to finally meet Alice. 

And the last important person we met is Sara the neighbor of Alice, she is not just a neighbor she is also a journalist and she knows everything about Alice past…..

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