Hej igen!

Jag har några roliga nyheter att berätta! Jag har träffat en tjej!!! Världens vackraste Johanna. Johanna har två barn ungefär i samma ålder som mina. Vi har till och med gift oss. När man hittar den rätta så gäller det att slå till. Hennes största önskan är att skaffa hus. Såklart vet jag att vi ska leva ihop för alltid och därför har vi köpt hus i Gullbranstorp för 2 650 000 kr. Det är stort och fint och alla fyra barn får ett eget rum. Trädgården är också stor och det finns ett garage. Vi ar även utbytt bilen mot en sjusitsig bil, så alla får platts!

Men jag just nu har jag mycket att göra pga. flyttandet. Jag kommer tyvärr lägga ner min blogg men det har varit jag har haft en fantastisk tid med er. Som när jag och barnen åkte till Gran Canaria, vilken resa! Och det var väldigt lärorikt att läsa om hur miljön/sociala aspekten påverkas när vi reser. Nu är jag inte en lonleydad längre, och istället för min "dads special time budget" ska jag och Johanna ha lite special time nu 😉 HEJDÅ



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We are traveling from Nissastrand toGotenburg to Gran Canaria airport then to the hotel. The airplane is traveling 3927km and releases 1,907t carbon dioxide to the air. From Nissastrand to Landvetter we are releasing about 16kg co2. I calculated this by taking the km (from Nissastrand to Landvetter) multiplied by the amount of co2 releasedfrom my beautiful VolvoV70/ 1km. We are traveling with Ving and Ving are marked by a label called "EU ecolabel" that is like Sweden's "svanenmärkt" which means that they have "environmental rules" to follow.

Lots of hotels in Gran Canaria have started to use disposal systems. The island is working on to be a "environmentally friendly vacation destination". Gran Canaria is an island with lots of volcanos which means that it's difficult to grow food. If you can't grow food you have to import food, which will increase the amount of co2 in the atmosphere.

We are planning to go on a ride on a banana boat. Abananaboatiswhenyousitonarafthats formed like a banana. The banana is tied to a speedboat. The speedboat runs on petrol. Petrolsupports the greenhouse effect by releasing co2 into the atmosphere. It's decreasing the ph level in the sea more than a car because the boat is a lot closer to the ocean then the car. Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas which means that it sinks to the sea. When the ph level decreases in the ocean the coral reef destroys and the ecosystemcollapses. Theorganismsthat has a calcium shell corrodes. If animals in the ecosystem dies, the animals that eats them also dies and so on.

We are staying at a hotel with all-inclusive. 10% of the food that we are eating in the world gets thrown away. But when tourists are able to pick how much they want for "free" the amount increases. Most of the food is imported to Gran Canaria because it's a volcanic island therefore you can't grow food there. The food is imported from nearby countries by cargo ships. The cargo ships are releasing co2 in the atmosphere and contributes to the greenhouseeffects. They are also disturbing the species by the waves from the ship. On the trip we are planning to not throw away food, it's important that me, Alvin and Stina doesn't take food from the buffet that we won't eat.

The hotel is built close the beach and to the hotel lots of people, and some people doesn't think about the consequences of littering. If you leave trash on the beach the trash may be touched by the waves and dragged to the ocean. If nonorganic materials get in the water the fishes might eat the trash and that might affect the ecosystem. If the humans eat "poisoned fish" the human's health will be affected. When you take down the forest/ trees the ecosystem might be affected.

Grancanaria has a very right based opinions. That’s because gran canaria is a part of spain and the spanish government has had a right winged party now for almost 24 years. In gran canaria there’s over 838 397 citizens.

The staff on the hotels are often summer workers from other countries which are treated really well and paid a respectable amount. I do believe that the natives that work there are probably treated to the same luxuries, but the payment might vary a bit. Since the currency becomes less worthy in other countries those who come from those countries may get “more” to compromise the different values of the currency.

Spain is considered to one of the most equal countries when it comes to gender equality. But there are some feminist parties in spain who claim it’s just a cover and the gender equality is still a huge problem. This is totally based on who you ask. But if you look at the policies that's spain has it look like they have eliminated the gender in-equality. Some would argue differently but from the sources i have it dosen't seem like an issues anymore. So you won’t see discrimination of either of the genders in gran canaria.


I looked up the prices for the train to Gothenburg and it was a lot cheaper than driving a car with a parking lots. When I looked at the prices I saw that SJ train are working with renewable energy, for example the trains run on hydroelectric power and wind power. In that way we save 3025kr!!!(the trip costs 975kr return ticket)



Hi it’s me again! As you may know I’ve always wanted to visit my favourite hotel again with my kids. Can you guess where? Yes! We are going to Gran Canaria in December. The hotel is called “sunwing arguineguin seafront”. The weather in sweden is grey and boring in December, and that's why I want to fly straight to Gran Canaria and just relax. We are going to have all inclusive which is good investment because Stina and Alvin love to eat ice cream! And I would like to drink some beers by the pool. I'm looking forward spending a week with Stina and Alvin, but I’m nervous how they will handle the flight. It’s Stinas first time flying.

The cost of the whole trip is 20 285 kr. We have about 6000 kr to spend on activities and other fun things. In this total cost, transfer and insurance are included. I’m planning that we are going to eat everything at the hotel (breakfast, lunch and dinner), because we have all inclusive.

I hope we all enjoy the trip to Gran Canaria and that we will have a pleasant time together!

This is my budget i have made to be able to go to gran canaria.

Income 34000

Salary 25655

Fixed cost

Tenat ownership 3500

Phone 399

Car loan 300

Car insurance 430

Repairs 0

Houseloan 1268

House insurance 0

Childinsurance 250

Kindergarden 500

Other insurances 400

Electric and water 1000

Heat 775

Unionen 100

Netflix 80

HBO 80

Summa 9082

"Variable costs


Food 2000

Cothes 1600

Dancing 100

Fotball 150

Hygien 1000

Healthcare 800

Dads special time 500

Other 500

Snusdosa 200

Summa 6850

Stina bank 500

Alvin bank 500

Savings 9150



Hi, my name is Erik Eriksson. I have two children called Stina and Alvin. Stina is 5 years old and likes to dance. Her great brother alvin is 7 years old and likes to play football. I am recently single looking for a new spouse. My favorite food is donuts / I'm a policeman;). I have some problems with my budget because I try to spoil my children as much as possible. I want to go on a holiday, but it's hard to get money for my children are to expensiveo . I have some problems saving due to my car loan and mortgages. My home loan is unfortunately at 1,500,000 kr million. The falt i bought i located at nissanstrand. it was really expensive but it was worth it sense the prices of nearby falts has gone up. Which hurts my wallet. That's my smallest problem though. The car costs a lot, even though it's a piece of shit. It's an old volvo v70 struggling to move fowards. Atleast my new flat is very comfy and calming . It's only 3500 kr a month. My end goal before this end the year is to go on a summer vacation.

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