I almost forgot that I had this blog. Recently I have been so busy with school (University), studying, job and job searching (dual jobs for them cash). Still I have got some time to play here and there and this is the one I have been enjoying the hell out of:

Yes, I know, I am a slowpoke (not the Pokemon). Yes, I know I have missed something great. I'm not done just yet, but I can say this much: I know that I have missed something. The only thing that's good about it is that I am playing the remastered edition on ps4, which looks good and works smoothly.

I have a hard time, usually, to involve myself in the plot and the story. Like, when I play Skyrim, I can't focus on the main story, I love sprinting around doing all the little quests (I'm an gamer who pursuit achivements, in form of doing all the quests) and the story to me gets lost along the way. Now you're thinking I'm gonna say the same thing about Bioshock. But this game has me under its spell: I am absorbed in the story. It's a bit morbid, scary, dark and sad; just the way I like it!

Yes I'm a weirdo

It looks a lot like I'm near the end and I have saved all the Little Sisters I could get my hands on (huehuehue, the puns) and killed a lot of Big Daddies. I might die more than 2-3 times every time I take one on, but I don't mind. I don't wanna spoil anything for anyone, so I will not go in depth where I am and what has happen, but my bf tells me that I'm very close to finishing the game.

After I'm done I'm gonna tackle the second game, Bioshock 2, and then the Infinite. It's too bad I am so busy with school and work, because I really just wanna put everything aside and play all day long, until I drop. Gamer problems, right?



I must say, I have no idea why I created this site. It might be because I like creating blogs, it might because I like designing something that's my own and it might be because I like writing. And it might be a mix of all of those reasons, and none of them. Sorry, I'm already rambling.

Since this is my very first post, I'll start with some introductions.

In 1992 I was born in cold and socially awkward Norway. I used most of my first years following in that sense, being an awkward and weird little child. After some time, I learned to ignore all of those people around me saying I was weird and just embrace the fact.

I have always played games, but more childish and easy games the ones I can't fail. I played a lot of easy pc games and went over to ps1 and ps2, plus my trusting GameBoy. In 2011-2012, I was introduced to some "real" gaming, in the form of other pc games. Since I had no real experience with those games, I tended to be very bad at them. Some games are better right now The Binding of Isaac and One Finger Death Punch, but I still have some way to go. Online gaming are the thing I'm currently struggling with the most at the moment.

The title would indicate that I am single and rotting away in a basement somewhere stereotypes much, but I can assure you that I am in a very happy relationship, doing well in school and the future looks bright. I have some few and good friends that I care much about. Still, I am a lonely gamer, I tend to play things alone and offline. That I would like to do something about!

Still, I think I am gonna use this site to post some gamer related daily activites and it will become like a diary for me. Or, rather, a journal. Some day I can look back plus you guys and see how I have evolved as a gamer (no, I do not play Kha'zix). If you're reading this, it means you have read most of this. THANK YOU. I like when people read my stuff.

Btw, my header is composed of the games I like to play. Recognize any of them? Play any of them?



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