So guys, for my first ever blog post I chose to talk about me so that you can get to know me better. Well as you all may know my name is Lois, I'm 18 years of age ( 15 Jan 1999). I was born in Kenya Nairobi but my ethnicity is Congolese. Currently, i live in Denmark with both my parents, my older brother Kevin ( 20 years) and my younger sister Shekinah ( 14 years). I LOVE my FAMILY and FRIENDS as most of you may know from my Instagram, I've been blessed with a big family and a big group of friends too from around the world and for me that's one of the most important things in life, I think it is really important that you have people around you that support you and for me that's them. I spend most of my time shopping and taking pictures or filming moments of my friends and family. One of the things I love doing that you may not know is that I really love cooking, I really love the idea of being in the kitchen and finding out your own recipe and sharing it with the people around me and hopefully, i will get to share some with you guys in the future. Another thing I love is listening to music, I'm a sucker for R&B, my afrobeats, gospels, reggae and I love finding out all these small artists that are not that famous such as Loyle Carner, Tom Misch, Goldlink, dvsn, Yuna and many more. This is just a little bit about me and you have to stay tuned for more.

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Favorite song at the moment: Love galore by SZA ft Travis Scott. category - Chill R&B.