​​​​​Some things are adored for their beauty and aesthetic looks, while some others are praised for their utility and value. A growler koozie is adored for both these reasons. These attractive sleeves are flexible and are outfitted on growlers that store liquids. People love growler koozies and their uses. This is one of the top reasons why a number of businesses give them away as promotional products in order to spread the word about their products, company and services. Here are a few interesting facts about growler koozies that make an interesting story of them.

Production at the industry
Growler koozies are made of neoprene and other flexible materials that are light in weight. Neoprene is the most popular choice for making growler koozies due to its excellent qualities and economical pricing. The color of growler koozies have to be decided even before their production and the synthetic coloring pigments are mixed with the neoprene material to come out ready in the desired color for making the koozies. The sheets of neoprene are fabricated into koozies of the required size and specification.

Printing on the koozies
The growler koozies are gorgeous due to the very attractive printed matter we find on them. Often the businesses and families ordering the growler koozies mention the producers what is to be printed on the koozies. Often, the main purpose of the koozies is to be distributed as gifts by families and businesses. Hence the information of the event or the products and services offered by a company are printed on the growler koozies. Now the koozies are ready to run a mobile advertisement campaign for the business owners or serve as memorabilia for an event hosted by he families.

The journey of growler koozies

Out from production, the growler koozies are transported stored and later distributed to the target groups. The people fondly receive them as gifts and carry them to their homes. Growler koozies are highly useful. When slipped on to the growlers as jackets, the koozies have several functions to perform. They add grip under the fingers and prevent the slipping of the koozies. They also add colors to the koozies. The koozies help maintain the temperature of the liquids stored in the growlers. Many people collect koozies as a hobby. Many people carry them with them to their work places, homes of guests and to picnics. During their journeys far and wide, the koozies silently spread the word about the businesses and events among wider circles of people.​

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On a closer observation, we find growler koozies amazing products. They are attractive to look at and are highly useful to store, transport and distribute liquids. Hence people highly love them and desire to own them. This is one of the top reasons why a lot of businesses give them away to their customers as promotional gifts. Growler koozies are very economical and accommodate a variety of printing on them. These characteristics add up to the advantages in front of businesses in choosing them as the most viable marketing vehicles.

The uses of growler koozies
The primary function of these products is to maintain the temperature of the liquids stored in the growlers. A growler koozie is easily slipped on to the growler as a jacket. Once they are on the growlers, they add up to the attractive looks of the growlers and make them colourful. With the koozies on, the growlers are easy to handle. Even if the growlers have to bump on something, they will never invite any dent or damage since the koozies are there to protect them. While the users have this advantage with these, businesses benefit from the koozies in different ways.

Why businesses prefer growler koozies
These come in attractive colors and flexible materials. The most popular choice for a growler koozie is neoprene. The cost of the koozie material is very less and hence you can make growler koozies in bulk quantities on custom orders. Growler koozies can accommodate a variety of printing on them. Hence businesses can print their logo, business and product information on these koozies to run their promotional campaigns. Storing, transporting and distributing the growler koozies is very easy and so businesses find them convenient to distribute during events and fairs.

The incredible uses of growler koozies

People call growler koozies by several names including snuggies, huggies and wraps. These are great products to enhance your outdoor experience. While riding your bike or while boating or hiking, you can hang the growlers with the koozies on so that you carry the liquids without much efforts. The Velcro closure on the back of the growlers makes it easy to hold on to the growlers. Growler koozies can be fixed with shoulder straps to carry them easily. A lot of people take delight in collecting a variety of growler koozies. Hence growler koozies are wonderful products for running product promotion campaigns.