Waking up in London is a funny thing. One morning you can wake up to the brightest sunshine, not a cloud in sight and no breeze of wind for that matter either. The next day it shifted completely, the sky is dark and dull, the rain falls down and you can't seem to see more than 10 meters ahead of you. On days such as these, I can't but daydream myself away to other places.

Even if the place wouldn't be a sunnier one, at least it would be a new one to discover. Always a perk as well, to get outside your comfort zone and do new exciting things. But then of course as we go on and look at the prices and compare it to the wallet at hand... well let's just say the daydreaming commonly ends there, doesn't it? Then comes all the outweighs of pros and cons, I mean we did opt for a minimalistic lifestyle a few months back and we did say we'll be real to that decision. Back home it's always easier to act upon a decision made and we go on and on and on....but should this really even be a con on our list?

Here's the real deal, the pros and cons are only excuses we make up. I have always been the spontaneous type that just takes off and lands in new places with not much of a plan. The great thing with that, the reason you should continue reading, is the fact that I too opted for a minimalistic lifestyle a few months back, but this hasn't stopped my spontaneous trips to be put into action. I go on and find the way to be minimalistic on the go rather than skipping on a trip. So now, the rest of this post will scoop you in on a minimalistic and sustainable trip through Edinburgh in Scotland.


Edinburgh is great when it comes to minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle. The city has a lot to offer! The following shops, found in Edinburgh are focused on sustainability and eco-friendly consumption.

Food shopping- Similar to Planet Organic found in London, Real Foods is focused on food and small kitchen equipment. They got all between eco-food to stainless steel bottles. As you would choose an organic place to shop your food from back in London, this is a great place to get your food, snack or that forgotten water bottle from and still be in harmony to your habits.

Accessories and souvenirs- Hanna Zakari the cutest little accessories shop I have seen in a long long time. Handmade as the products are you can find everything from necklaces to pins to patches and even T-shirts. All products inspired by the indie style. So when thinking of that one special thing to bring back to your friends and family, get it here and enjoy a good gift as well as a good shopping experience.

Clothing- Don't we all love a bit of inspiration strolling every now and then? Especially abroad when you can pick up on new styles different from back home. I would recommend popping by Godiva to dig for some styling inspiration. This is a vintage shop with all kinds of clothing and the staff there is just simply adorable. Going vintage shopping leaves you with a good feeling even if you end up buying something so either way, it's a win-win supporting your minimalistic path on the go.


... minimalism in Edinburg can take you around the city discovering hand made products, eco-friendly food, and vintage clothing.

... deciding on a trip should always be a strong yes, thinking about it really, a low budget trip is not that hard to master.

... When on the go, staying true to minimalism can seem difficult as the same shops as you've gotten used to aren't there now. However, rather than overthinking it just let yourself free and have a little fun explore the resembling shops at your destination!