The message you tell through colours on your clothes to the rest of the world

Colours, sunny, energy... These are words most of us associate with spring time, me myself being one in the group. I visited the international food market in the small city of BorĂ¥s over the weekend. It was overwhelming how many colours you can combine only in one food dish. So I started thinking, how much do we actually communicate through colours to each other? It is commonly known that about 70% of our communication is non-verbal. Looking at it from a fashion forward way, I believe quite a bit is said through colours in clothing. 

Whilst evaluating this I started to think of trends. The well known Scandinavian style, very basic, very sophisticated and yet playful, commonly uses a colour scheme of nudes, black, greys and whites. The north is also among the darkest places over the winter months. On the other hand, in more southern parts of the world colours, used in clothing, are more commonly seen where the warmth also lays. Isn't that somewhat twisted?

A person wearing black sends signals of elegance and authority. This colour is most likely the "to go" colour in any situation. At business offices and job interview this colour appears in one or more pieces of the clothing and the outfit.

White, a colour showing the good in people, honesty and truth. This colour combined with black is a classy an powerful 'save me' option when it ones to colour combination.

Dark blue, drives safety and calmness to a whole new level. A person wearing dark blue is usually easier to approach than one wearing black. Only imagine in a job interview...The interviewer wears blue rather than black, I can almost guarantee you feel more appreciated by the first mentioned interviewer then the second.

Red, this colour says a lot about the person. Bravery, strength, love, decision making, life etc. are only a few examples. Now imagine that this same interviewer wears red, what is your reaction then?

Green yellow combination, the colour signs  among other things for example growth, youth, cheerfulness and positivity. God bless us now if our interviewer is wearing this colour on that very important interview.

As I had walked around the market I was certain, colours do communicate more than we allow us to believe. It is a way more powerful element of our everyday. So next time you are going to that interview, spring gala, business meeting etc. think about the person you want to be and dress according to that using the right colours to complete the look. Because the colour of your shirt does matter in the end. We are telling a subconscious story for everyone out there to take part of, on a daily basis.

'Don't just live a life of black and white when there is a spectrum of colours available or you. Don't confine yourself, instead express yourself in who you are and have some fun'