A week ago or so, I was taking part in the 'Wear Your Wardrobe' challenge hosted by Encircled. I came across the challenge just a week before it was to start and thought they had such a good outline for it so I hopped on board to see how well I'd do and if there was something I could get rid of in my wardrobe.

The core idea behind the challenge is to choose seven items that you rarely would opt for from your wardrobe. Use these seven items at least once throughout the week (seven days). You can combine the items with each other or opt for something that you wear more often, the main thing is that you wear the chosen items at least once throughout the week. Encircled, that hosted the challenge, also encouraged to make an evaluation after each day of the week in form of a worksheet that they shared with all participants. This was to help you recognise whether you actually loved the item or not.

By the end of the seven days, you look through the documentation made during the week, how did you feel wearing the items, did you manage to wear all of them and what is the destiny for them now. If you didn't wear them a single time or if you didn't feel good in them, well doesn't that speak quite loud for the destiny of the item? Get rid of it in that case, if you didn't wear it when you made it be your mission, the odds are you won't wear it again anytime soon. The thing with knowing your own style is that you actually only have pieces there that you truly love and easily could wear any day of the week or even every day for that matter.

Whilst participating in the challenge, I chose some odd one out pieces from my capsule wardrobe. I set into the challenge to find new ways of wearing these items, not really going for the getting rid of them in the end but didn't close the option away completely. The following part will scoop you in on how I went on with the challenge and what my week resulted in...


To my seven items that I challenged myself to start wearing more and style in better ways I included the following:

- A pair of blue and white striped pants
- A black short cut blazer
- A navy long west
- A floral top
- A senap turtleneck top
- A black silk resembling shirt
- A pair of high boots

Some of these items I wanted to get into the habit of using more often and combine them in a way that would resemble my style better. Throughout the week I managed to wear all of the seven items several times apart from the pants that I only wore once. I got some good compliments on my outfit that day so I decided to keep them after all. The black plain shirt was the only item I didn't really manage to wear at all. I've had it for a long time and it's one of the shirts that I tend to use in waves. It has been bugging me however whether I should or shouldn't get rid of it taken that it at times saves my whole outfit for the day, after all, it is a basic item.

By the end of the week, I decided to keep all the items I set out for the challenge for now. I'd give the items that got less use through the week a new chance and make a final decision by the end of the month. The challenge helped me to realize how I can combine some of the items to fit my loose fit and relaxed style. I am an all time sneaker lover, however, through the week I really fell in love with the boots I had challenged myself to wear more often. I found ways to dress them up and down in a comfortable way for my style. Overall, I am pleased with the experience and would definitely challenge myself again on this one as it is only a week long of a journey and doesn't take a huge commitment to do.

So who would the challenge fit? I would say anybody that wants to get a bit more organised with their style and their wardrobe. The challenge is the perfect way to have you realise how you feel about a certain item and helps you find its place whether it is in the front row of your wardrobe or in a bag for donation or recykling. Sometimes we just need that extra push to get wearing things and develop our own style.


... The 'Wear Your Wardrobe' challenge is a seven-day challenge wearing seven items that you rarely opt for in your wardrobe

... By the end of the challenge, you'll know your style and whether the items you included in it will fit your style at all

... The challenge doesn't cost and you won't have to make a commitment longer than a week long