Picture credit to @francesca_kk

Picture credit to @francesca_kk


We all know the feeling when we find a new need. A need usually starts with a 'want' and develops into a need. As I am practicing minimalism the wants rarely turn into a need, but once they do so, as we undeniably cannot avoid purchasing forever, the feeling is there. It is a feeling of filling a gap to make your daily routines just a tad easier and a gap that needs to be fulfilled with something that you can make a lot of use of.

When I find myself in these positions of having a need. My shopping habits have changed through the past gone months since I introduced minimalism to my life. From being the one that loved having a wide range of clothes and options to choose from, I now enjoy a smaller range but more practical. This means I love a wardrobe that consists of clothing that I can turn into a range of different outfits and looks. I now do a fair share of research before I decide to purchase and the following are some key questions I always ask myself before putting money towards a piece of clothing:

- Is it reversible, can I wear it as a classy piece as well as a more chilled one?
- What is the material?
- How long do I estimate for it to be in my wardrobe?
- Can I think of at least 5 different outfits to combine the piece with?

Having a piece that can be used both for daily use as well as for rarer and classy occasions ensures a more wearable wardrobe. The clothes in it would simply not just hang about but get used more frequently. Opting for natural materials when shopping ensures a longer life span of the garment as well. Natural fibers have a tendency to be more comfortable in wear with a smoother drape and a softer hand. If I can't combine a piece of clothing, no matter how lovely it looks like, with what I already have I know it's not going to be worth it in the long run. When putting money towards something, no matter what it is I desire for it to bring me long term use. Also, in case I cannot make up 5 outfits just on the spot like that, then I know that garment will be hanging and hidden away for most of the time and the point of having it at all is close to zero. The way I see it, the clothes we wear half the story of who we are, and therefore shall each piece be carefully decided upon if it has a place with us or not.

Picture credit to @francesca_kk

Picture credit to @francesca_kk


I recently had to replace and update my wardrobe with some staple pieces, so I went on and made some research. I came across a company by name Vetta Capsule. Almost straight away I fell for the clothes they make. Not only does the company support a sustainable supply chain in making the clothes, but the design of them is one of a kind. They are reversible in all possible ways and out of one garment you can make the use of up till 3 different garments. By that I mean a blazer suddenly becomes that little black dress in your wardrobe, that classy blazer to make the final look professional for a rainy day and lastly a west that just finishes the outfit to be a tad edgier. They are the first company I have come across that makes one piece of clothing so remarkably reversible. When taking a first look at the cost, it can come across as expensive, however, when looking at it in the light of how many different garments you make out of one, the cost is really fair. It can't be denied that we have been blindsided from the true cost of fashion today due to fast fashion. Whilst the industry is changing to support sustainability, we as customers need to unfold the eye patch and realise the real cost of a garment as well. It is not just the price we pay in the shop but also the price we pay for the supply chain and the material used. When adding these up, clothing shouldn't really be as cheap as we have grown used to today. The cheaper the cost we pay the more likely it is that there is a lack of fairness in the supply chain. So I with being absolutely out of words in that sense that this kind of reversibility was possible I went on and purchased the lacking items from my wardrobe.

The Blazer:

A classy piece that can be combined with everything more or less and used during any season and any time of the day. A blazer has the tendency to lift the look and make it classy and precise. Often a blazer also reflects trustworthiness and expertise. As we know it, blazers come in various length as well. The one found at Vetta is a long version and can be used as:

- A dress
- A blazer
- A vest

The sleeves are attached with a zip so you can easily remove them from the body. This makes the piece super easy to wear a day to work and reverse the look of it by the evening to fit the occasion then. As the blazer is long enough to be used as a dress you basically get 3 garments in one. You have a classy blazer, by removing the sleeves you have a vest, and with or without the sleeves you can button the blazer up and make a dress out of it.

The cardigan:

This is a longer cardigan that ends just under your hips. It is the perfect match to throw over for some warmth or as a finishing touch to the look. What I found so one of a kind with this specific cardigan was the fact that you can have it with or without the attachable turtleneck. I am a sucker for turtlenecks but during summer season I can do without one. As this cardigan can be worn with and without the turtleneck it can be used seasons throughout as well. So the ways I will be using the cardigan is as a

- cardigan to throw over for a finished look and/ or warmth
- a loose fit jumper cardigan with the attachable turtleneck

I am sure there are more ways I can find use from the piece as well as I have introduced it and used it for a while.

Hopefully, by now you have got an idea of what a reversible garment can bring you and how you can narrow down the shopping of needs to see the difference between a need and a want. And whilst this post is in no collaboration with the company itself, I still hope you can see why they have made such an impact and impression on me. This is to give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip and guide you to see the difference between a need and a want from a minimalist perspective. Having one reversible piece can actually make up for a couple once and reduce the amount of clothing needed yet still ensure you have the staples in place. Having less gives you more at times.


... when in need of replacement in your wardrobe, ask yourself what it really is that you need and have a look at what you have since before could be altered or used in a new way before storming out to replace or get something entirely new.

... reversible clothing can make up for a couple of pieces in one piece and this way you consume less, yet have the needed pieces.

... fashion comes with a price that fast fashion has changed and can be said to also labeled wrong. Our understanding of the supply chain has been hidden away and not spoken about. However, an understanding of where the garments come from is crucial as for the supply chain to be fair for all its stages and not only for the price we pay for the final product.

Picture credits to @nasss96

Picture credits to @nasss96