Wouldn't it be great to enjoy a simpler life, one where you cut not only from old habits and make adjustments' living life with less but also saves quite a bit time from weekly activities that don't really count in as entertainment but duties. Once you really get the hang of it simplicity can be addictive, and you start to apply it here and there and everywhere.

I like to think I am productive and active in my everyday. However, when it comes to cleaning... let's not fool ourselves, that is a big topic of procrastination for me. I can push this for days only to find myself one day or even better a night now I got to the full capacity of turning a blind eye to the mess. I start to clean no matter the hour at that time just to get rid of that guilt of not having done anything about the matter earlier. Just need to feel the freshness of the house again.

Commonly known, detergents are used to kill bacteria, and heavy stains that really got stuck on the surfaces of the floor, countertops and what not. Water simply doesn't do it and even when it removes the stain, I like to have a fresh house bacteria free and with a smell of freshness and cleanliness.

It dawned on me, how can this be made in a sufficiently, easy and simple way? Without the hustle of trying to decide which detergent is the go-to for the day. Keeping my options open, and trying new things I got around to test a homemade cleaning detergent. You might of read the post of how it's made previously here. After my testing, the following was what I discovered as comparisons to the shop bought ones.


Homemade detergent:

Cleanness- The homemade detergent I tested was one that was Vinegar based. As it seems Vinegar is not only said to work wonders but actually proves to do so as well. It removes the stains surprisingly well and without having to rub for several minutes or having to use too much power to remove the stains.

Freshness- I cannot deny, using a homemade vinegar based detergent comes with the smell of vinegar even when using essential oil to reduce the sharp smell of the base. However, the smell of vinegar fades fairly quickly away. In about an hour or so to be more accurate. Later you are left with the smell of essential oil added to the detergent.

Storage- As space is limited and storing of things that are not used daily is not really a thing too high on my preferences, I absolutely fell for the homemade option of detergent. I can make just the desirable amount of it. Once this is done, I wash the mason jar and use it for else. I commonly make one mason jar of detergent that covers the cleaning of my small place.

Shop bought detergent:

Cleanness- Among all the options out there, I am sure you've found one detergent that works well and removes any kind of stain that comes along your way. So have I without any doubt. However, I cannot let it go from my mind that every time I spray one of the shop detergents on a countertop, I expose the surface to chemicals. This in return makes me wipe off the surface with water as well, which then makes the water lines exposed to more chemicals than they already are. Not a good way to go either way.

Freshness- As you probably have found the one detergent that removes any stain on your way you probably also found one that smells just the way you like your house to do. I used to opt for the apple ones as I see that as one of the freshest smells you can come across. I would however not say the smell stays around too long maybe a day or so and it's gone when cleaning with the shop detergents.

Storage- You hardly end up finding travel kit detergents meaning you end up buying bigger bulks of the shop found detergent. Often even more than one is found to cover different uses. I am a sucker for multi-use ones though and prefer not to stock up. However, a shop bought detergent will last for several uses and so finding some space for it until next time would be a downside in terms of storage.

All in all, both the shop and homemade detergents have perks and downsides. Generally both do their job and you will end up with a clean house. I cannot say what I would recommend as they are strong competitors for each other. But, looking from a sustainable point of view, I would today opt for a homemade detergent, knowing the chemicals of a shop one wouldn't go down my drainage or into my food for that matter either.