Taking out a day of the week, or just a morning or a night to clean up the house and make it look and smell fresh again is something I have been doing for a long time. I love a clean fresh smell in the house, I mean who doesn't really? But looking into the collection of different detergents available in the shop. I for one get confused and want to run away. Too many options turn out to be overwhelming in terms of information and decision making. In the light of trying my best to support the environment I cannot but turn a blind eye to the shelves of detergents these days. I mean, they all come in plastic containers and I have no option for a more sustainable one or...

I was so wrong thinking I didn't have an option for the shops' detergents. Obviously, you can make your own at home from natural ingredients. Here's why a homemade detergent are better than a shop bought one.

- It has less toxic in it, avoiding toxic's in cleaning will also prevent toxic's in nature. Water is commonly used when cleaning and once done the cleaning, we need to get rid of the dirty water as well. At this point, the toxic's from shop detergents are poured into water channels.
- When making the amount needed only, no storing space is needed for the detergent later on.
- You can avoid the consumption of plastic when making your own detergent at home. And why would the plastic be harmful? I am sure the news has spread of the fact that earth is starting to get overwhelmed with plastic. Not only is it found in the landfill but studies have shown that plastic is found in fish that we eat.

The above mentioned are just a few perks of making your own detergent but there are loads more that could be said. But let's not spend all day talking about reasoning but actually get down to business and discover how we can make a multi-use detergent at home then.


The recipe of detergent I share with you can be multi-used and will kill bacteria and remove stains. You can use it to clean mirrors, countertops, scrub the toilet and cleaning windows.

All you need for this detergent are the following ingredients:

- 150 ml Water
- 150 ml Vinegar
- A spray bottle or container to mix the solution in
- Essential oil, if so desired

Now as all ingredients are known, mix the vinegar and water together. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in order to settle the strong smell of vinegar. I added 3 drops of essential oil. But the amount of drops is very much up to you and how you wish your home to smell like. However, I do recommend to be careful with the essential oil as it can change very strong in smell very quickly.

Now just mix all the ingredients together, if you have a bottle where you are mixing the detergent up, give it a good shake and you are all ready to get cleaning.


... shop bought detergents tend to have high amounts of chemicals and even at times toxic's in them. These are later on exposed into our water system as we finish up our cleaning and get rid of the water used in cleaning.

... the recipe given in this post for a homemade detergent is a multi-purpose one and can be used in most areas of your home cleaning.

... homemade detergent is a more sustainable option for cleaning to the ones found on shop shelves.